Inside Out Style
Inside Out Style
339: Your colour questions answered about hem, style confidence and level of refinement

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0.12 I’ve got Broad hips which I’d like to camouflage so am always aware of what I’m wearing . I wear straight leg pants or wide leg . My question is, how to wear my top? I do not like tucked in all around. Also I only wear long skirts, I hide my varicose veins, I’m retired. My life style is very casual. Also I live in Barbados so all year summer round.
2.06 I’m shy and would like to improve my style but I’m gaining weight and am so used to wearing sports clothing/athleisure that I worry about people noticing me.

How to Develop Style Confidence

How to Develop Your Style Confidence: Moving Beyond the Fear of Judgment

5 Simple Ways To Develop Style Confidence

Do You Feel That Everyone Is Noticing You or Your Flaws?

4.41 How do I create an overall cohesive look for example choosing …proper accessories to match the ‘feel’ of a look. For example what handbag styles go with casual vs dressy

Level of Refinement

Master the Art and Science of Putting Together Stylish Outfits

How to Look Smart Without Being Too Formal or Feeling Overdressed

The Art of Versatility in Fashion: Colour, Coordination, and Confidence

If You’d Like to Define Your Style and Discover Your Colours

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