Inside Out Style
Inside Out Style
204: Colour and Style Q&A: Wardrobe, Retired, and Dressing in Summer.

In This Episode

0.08 How to choose staple wardrobe pieces – I second guess myself a lot!
3.52 I retired last year and I dress in jeans and t-shirts a lot. I could tell by the time I retired I was getting lazy but it is bad now. I do NOT want to be that ill-clad former white-collar worker who got lazy and now shlumps in the public space. I want to come across that I am still in the game of life. I do NOT want to be a dried-up person who looks like time has stopped and she stopped living.
6.57 How to dress well in the heat

W is for Wardrobe 

How Do I Build Cohesive Wardrobe and Avoid Buying Orphans?

9 Essential Steps for a Successful Wardrobe Transition

How to Align Your Wardrobe With The Person You Are Today

What to Wear When You’re Retired

Finding Clothes For The Over 70s For A Retired Casual Lifestyle

What to Wear When You’re Retired

8 Tips on Adapting Your Style as Your Rules Change

Add Interest to Your Outfit

How to Include More Interest and Unique Colour Combinations in Your Outfits

Choosing your Interest Pieces and Adding Statements to Make Your Outfits Fabulous

3 Easy Ways to Add Interest to Your Summer Outfits When It’s Too Hot to Add Layers

If You’d Like to Define Your Style and Discover Your Colours

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