Be Yourself.  Everyone Else is Already Taken


Be yourself.  Everyone else is already taken – another great quote from Oscar Wilde.

be yourself as everyone else is already taken

This is one of my favourite reminders when the toxic witch that is “comparison” enters my head.   It’s way too easy to compare yourself poorly to others in so many aspects of your life, and style is one of these aspects that so many of us do fall prey to comparison’s ugly powers.

With the rise of social media plus the power of photo editing tools, what you see is so often what is not real, but we compare away, finding ourselves lacking.

It’s important to remember that it’s what is unique and different about you that makes you beautiful, identifiable, interesting and human.   Rather than trying to be like others, just being yourself is the way to go.

Let’s apply this to your style!

Your Authentic Style 

When you think about your style, how is it expressing who you are?  Instagram influencers are all very well, but straight out copying their style won’t make you the most stylish version of you, as part of what makes someone stylish is when their style is an expression of their inner core.  

Being yourself, not trying to be like others, is where true style lies.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself to Define Your Authentic Style

  1. What do I love to wear?  The fabrics, cuts, fit, patterns, colours, accessories, details … 
  2. How do I love to feel in my clothing? Smart, groovy, competent, credible, fun, youthful, mysterious, whimsical, elegant, feminine, smart…. the list of possibilities goes on and on.
  3. What do I want to express to others about who I am?  What do I want them to know about me?  Then consider what kinds of clothing say these things (you already know what they are – if you ever watch movies or TV, you’re reading characters personality traits by their clothes already, so just apply this innate skill to your own wardrobe selection).

These are just some of the steps you can take towards finding your authentic style that makes you shine.

You’re an original, not a copy.

Remember, cover-bands don’t change the world!  Be the amazing original that you are.

And if you need more help defining your authentic style, start with my 7 Steps to Style program (to get your style fundamentals sorted) and then move onto my Ignite Your Style Genius program which will really assist you in honing your style.

If You Were a Character in a Movie What Would You Wear?

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3 Questions to Ask Yourself to Define Your Authentic Style


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