My Focus Word For 2019


Each year, instead of making a bunch of New Year’s Resolutions, I like to choose a word that will be my focus for the coming year, a reminder, an aide-memoire to keep me on track on all my goals  – both work goals and personal ones too.

As opportunities arise and decisions have to be made on numerous topics, I find it really useful to have a focus word to remind me about what matters to me, and to help me know if something really is an opportunity or is it just going to divert me off-track.

In 2018, I really put myself out of my comfort zone and learned a whole new skill (as I completed my Psychological Type Practitioner training) and launched 16 Style Types along with Jill Chivers and Jane Kise.  In fact, the past 3 months have been head-down, bum-up (as we say in Australia) focusing on writing a program that goes with our 16 Style Types Reports – an amazing 12 module program that will help you refine and define your style in a new way – helping you take your Style Essence, and turn it into an authentic Style Expression (going into testing early 2019 and we plan to launch May 2019 – so stay tuned for this!).  There has been a massive learning and growth curve for me doing this and I’d put many other things on the back-burner to achieve creating this program with Jill.

My Word of the Year for 2019

Having done some reflection on the past year and where I wanted to go next, and what I want to achieve out of 2019, the word that popped into my head as my guide is:

Focus word for 2019 for Inside Out style

There are lots of things in my life and business that can do with some improving, so rather than get swept away in the excitement of inventing or creating something new, I want to just improve on the existing.

I’ve already started this as I’ve been re-writing and updating all my Colour Guides that are used in colour consultations.  And I can see lots of other areas of my life that some improvements would be beneficial.   I’m always working on improving my personal style (and I know lots of you are too – and I just love seeing your progress in my Evolve Your Style and Ignite Your Style Genius and 7 Steps to Style programs).

From making regular tweaks in my health and exercise routines to doing more decluttering and improving my home and garden, to all sorts of improvements in all aspects of my business, each one making a small but I hope, significant difference over time.

Do you have a focus word for 2019?  If so I’d love to know what it is and why you chose it!  Please do share in the comments.

Happy New Year to You

And have a super New Year! May 2019 bring much happiness, joy and success into your life and I thank you for stopping by here and hope to see you lots more.



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  • Dear Imogen,
    I am a 70 year old, petite, x shape woman, and live in a large city in NSW. Over the last couple of years I have put on a couple of kilos and developed a bit of a belly and am finding it really hard to find age appropriate clothes that I feel good in. I’ve always dressed conservatively and would class my look as smart/casual.
    I am on a pension but want to treat myself to one of your courses next year. Which one would you recommend please?

    • Hi Danuta. What did you want to achieve from a program? They are quite different from each other. If you want to have fun and be inspired to shop your wardrobe and get out of a style rut go for a Evolve Your Style. If you want to learn about all the elements of what to buy and what suits your unique shape and features, colouring and values, then go for 7 Steps to style. Ignite Your Style Genius is an extension program for those who have leaned about their style with 7 Steps

    • Hi Imogen,
      My word is enough. In the past my enough was way too much. I’ve been downsizing for a few years & I still have a problem with excess. This year I want to eliminate without fear & come through with a settled contentment of living with what is truly enough for my changing lifestyle.
      I’m a possibility person-hence the excess. When I get rid of something I am giving up hope of my possible improvement.

  • I like your focus for the year.

    I think mine has to be “move”. As in act, change, advance, relocate, push, and literally move my body.. Got to love the online thesaurus.

  • I really like this idea of a focus word instead of a resolution(s). Mine probably should be “completion”. I have so many projects that I have planned or started (or exercise goals or recipes to try) , but really need to set aside time to getting them done. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Flexible. For the past two years I have kept myself so on-task meeting my goal of the moment, I have not been present to what is happening right now. This year I want to be leave myself flexible to respond to what is happening right now.

  • Thanks, guess I didn’t really need the extra three hours sleep last night that I devoted to ‘tossing around’ words, feelings, intentions. . .
    JOY, is where I want to stay, to make the most of, to feel and to give. Also great timing thanks Imogen, I no longer feel guilty about dropping a commitment this year that had ceased to bring me JOY.

  • My word for 2019 is Positive. Last year wasn’t a good year for me as my husband died suddenly, though there were a few highlights too such as a friend’s wedding in Italy and holidays with my family. I’m now on my own, apart from my little dog Lisa, however I’m determined not to feel negative, as I believe that negative thoughts attract negativity. I already have a few events to look forward to, so I’m going to concentrate on being positive in the hope that leads to more positive happenings. If I count my blessings I’m lucky enough to have many, including my wonderful family and friends, so here’s to a POSITIVE 2019 – and I may pinch JOY from one of your readers for 2020!

    • So sorry for your loss Sue. Positive is a great word – I love to concentrate on the positive – there is lots of research that says that appreciating the little things and feeling grateful can really help your state of mind. I really try to concentrate on the positive in my life and let the negative things slide away and be forgotten.

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