Made in Melbourne – Meredith Hoult Originals


Recently I discovered the lovely and talented Meredith Hoult who is a jewellery designer and maker of gorgeous handcrafted silver and anodised aluminium jewellery in Melbourne.

Meredith Hoult Originals - beautiful handmade sliver and aluminium jewellery - made in Melbourne


Given my love of jewellery (it’s such a brilliant accessory to draw attention to your face) I picked up a few pairs of her earrings in different colours and styles.

Each piece is handmade and so no two will ever be exactly the same.

Made in Melbourne - Meredith Hoult Originals jewellery

Meredith includes sterling silver, and 14ct gold plated sterling silver in many creations along with fantastically coloured anodised aluminium (my red and blue ones are both aluminium, my silver

Anodised Aluminium in many colours like these red ones.

And these blue ones.

A mix of silver and freshwater pearls.

 Meredith Hoult is a designer and maker of jewellery. She’s endlessly impressed and inspired – by the work of others, by colours and textures, by everything around her.   She believes that there is SO much to see. This abundance of inspiration leads her to lots of different design styles.

You’ll see subtle feminine pieces adorned with pearls and crystals. You’ll also see big, loud colourful pieces which demand attention.

You can find her beautiful jewellery on her website at or better still, go in to see her at the studio in 127 Church Street, Richmond  (Victoria) just give her a call before you go to make sure she’s there, and find her on Facebook here.

Studio Open Day and Sale Event:  127 Church Street, Richmond –  Friday 30th November and Saturday 1 December 2018  8am – 4pm –


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