See Inside Liberty of London – My Favourite British Department Store


Whenever I visit London (and I realised on the way over on the  plane – in that 24 hours that is such fun in a tin tube – that it’s been 16 years since I was last here), I love to visit Liberty of London – just off Regent Street  in Central London – as it’s the most atmospheric department store you’ll ever visit.

Inside Liberty of London

Inside Liberty of London

Housed in a stunning Tudor revival style building (built in 1920s) with so many of its original features still intact, it’s a joy to wander around and just soak up the atmosphere.

With its winding staircases and central voids that allow you to look down to the ground floor (and that flood the building with light from its roof lanterns), wood carved panelling surrounds you at every turn.

Central void Liberty of London

Having spent a couple of hours on the plane journey over from Australia watching the fascinating documentary on  Manolo Blahnik – The boy who made shoes for lizards – (you can catch it on Netflix), I was delighted to spend some time in the Liberty Shoe hall seeing his shoes up close.

Manolo Blanhik shoes

I love gorgeous shoes, particularly interesting ones, with fun features and great design.

Manolo Blahnik shoes

And Liberty’s shoe hall did not disappoint, no boring shoes here!

gucci boots in Liberty of London

This fun floral Gucci boot caught my eye.

Liberty of London shoes

And I just loved the placement of these bee embellished shoes next to the floral wallpaper!

Liberty of London Shoes hall

And doesn’t this lovely turquoise chair invite you to sit down and try on some shoes!

Liberty of London Florist

And don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers in the divine Liberty florist on your way in or out!

To me, Liberty of London is almost like an art gallery – a place to enjoy the colours and textures of fashion in a beautiful environment.

Tell me – what are your favourite places to shop in London?  Do you have favourite stores?


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  • Hello Imogen – welcome back to the UK!
    I only found your blog a month or so ago in my search for inspiration and ideas for revamping my ‘image’ after retiring early – in April – from a uniform wearing role in the NHS. It has been interesting working through the wardrobe challenges of the school run and home based days as the 55 year old mum of an eight year old…
    My efforts to refresh my look whilst avoiding ‘frump’ have been increasingly informed & steered by your website / blog – thank you so much for making the time to produce & maintain such a fabulous resource.
    I am thinking about doing ‘7 Steps to Style’ to pull it all together even more – presumably I would be best waiting until you get back home?
    Great to have a peek inside Liberty – definitely a unique source of inspiration and on my doorstep – I live less than an hour away door to door & I now have the time to go far more often – window shopping at least!
    Have a great trip – Christine
    PS I have just invested in a series of statement necklaces!!!

    • Hi Christine
      Thanks for your lovely comment! No need to wait to join 7 Steps to Style – even though I’m away from home everything is still happening and you’re automatically delivered the program electronically as soon as you sign up (and my assistant will mail your colour cards). Liberty – so lovely isn’t it!

  • a frequent misconception is that Liberty is a very old building – we even had some tourists commenting on the Tudor lifts!!! It was built in 1875 incorporating timber from an old sailing ship shown in an oil painting on one of the galleries. I agree an atmospheric, stunning building but not original.

  • What a treat! Thank you for sharing, I’ve always heard and seen some of their products … i love it- it’s like an art gallery indeed- enjoy.

  • This is my favourite store too, it feels like another world inside. There was a Chanel 4 TV Documentary series made 3 or 4 years ago, maybe you could download it for the journey home. Enjoy the rest of your stay, great to meet you on Sunday

  • Ahh Liberty of London…hours of enjoyment, just mooching & viewing, & sometimes buying. My happy time is to spread a (now old) square teacloth for afternoon tea. It was given me by waiter after he spilt tea, tiniest drop, when pouring it at, of course, Liberty of London. Thank you for your photos, so enjoyed the tour. Hope your time in London most satisfying. It will be a huge help to participants in your course.

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