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To celebrate my 9th blogging anniversary (that’s a blogiversary in the blogging world), and 9 years in human years is about 42 in internet years (they are kind of like ‘dog years’). I thought I’d say a little thanks and share with you what I love about blogging.

1. Blogging has let me create a business that I’d never have thought possible, a business that suits my introvert nature.

2. Through my blog I’ve met all sorts of wonderful and amazing people who I’d never have met if I wasn’t blogging.  Other bloggers, readers, people who have become clients and friends.  It opens up the world.

3. When I travel there is sure to be someone to meet who reads the blog and makes a foreign place feel more welcoming.  I get to have lunch with friends who I just haven’t met yet!

4. Blogging has made me more creative. It has changed the way my brain is wired to constantly see ideas.

5. Blogging has improved my style. When you decide to take outfit photos to use on the blog, you have to think more about what you’re actually wearing, and adding those finishing touches that are so easily forgotten in the morning rush.

10 things I love about style blogging over 9 years

6. My photography skills are improving. As time goes by and I take more photos and see what works and what doesn’t and I learn to use my camera on all its manual settings the pics do get a little better.

7. Blogging has made me a better image consultant. I learn something new every day. When I get asked a question sometimes I don’t know the answer off the top of my head, and I have to think about it. I have to figure out they answer, discover the why, which improves how I work with every client.

8. Blogging has given me opportunities to see amazing shows, attend media previews where the artist or curator talks about their creative process which I find fascinating.

9. Blogging has brought me a community of people who are all interested in my passion.

10. You. Yes you.  In fact you should be at number one on this list! I really appreciate and love you for stopping by Inside Out Style, taking some of your precious time to read, comment and share my blog posts.

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    I agree with YOU about the FRIENDSHIPS made a far………and near!To be recognized while you are out and about is also a THRILL!Just last week someone came up to me in a museum and said, “YOUR THE VINTAGE CONTESSA!!!” MADE my week!
    The world is SMALL and its gets smaller by BLOGGING!ALSO< we find other people with our same passions………..

  • Happy Blog Birthday Imogen! And a BIG thank you too for all the wonderful information that you share – you have made a difference to my world for sure! And thank you for the Birthday special too – I’ve made the plunge and indulged in your 7-Steps – I’m so excited! 😉

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