What Will You Choose from My Closet Menu Checklist?


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There are just so many lists of essentials that “every woman should own” out there on the internet.

If you’ve been reading Inside Out Style for a while you’ll realise that I don’t believe in such prescriptive lists.

Why not? Well I know from the experience of working with thousands of clients is that we are all different.

How are we different?  Your mix of the Style Puzzle is unique.  For example you will need to take into consideration your:

  • Personality
  • Lifestyle
  • Body Shape
  • Colouring
  • Preferences

What are Your Style and Dressing Preferences?

  • Some of us like wearing pants, others prefer dresses.
  • Some of us like a structured white shirt, others feel it’s constrictive and uncomfortable to wear.
  • Some of us like a crisp white shirt because it feels clean and businesslike, others of us hate it as it feels boring and bland.
  • Some of us choose flats, others only wear heels.

I could go on and on with these examples, this is why I don’t believe in “50 Classics Every Woman Should Own” lists.

Before you decide what you do need, why not write out a list of what your preferences are?  This will give you a much better idea of the items you’ll be choosing off Your Closet Menu.

But we all do need clothes, which is why I’ve developed this Closet Menu as a resource when considering what may be missing from your wardrobe.

Just like a menu in a restaurant, you don’t eat the whole menu!  Instead you choose the items off it that appeal to you.

Your closet menu - discover some of the items you may need in your closet with this downloadable printed checklist

So tell me, what are the items you’ll be choosing off the menu and which ones won’t you partake in?

If you’d like to download this as a PDF  free – click here.

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  • Shorts? Casual and more dressy.
    Dressy day top? My staple, worn over denim skirts or pencil skirts. Can go over jeans and shorts.

  • This is great to give us food for thought, but as you say not the whole menu.
    Please can you give pointers for an Options type person, who leads a mainly casual lifestyle but also needs some smart casual for dining out and travel both at home in the UK and abroad.
    How many items (of whichever type) are a good balance to have to cover various levels of refinement?
    Thanks for any tips

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