Why I’ll Focus on Gratitude in 2017


New Years Resolution Alternative - choose a word to make your yearly focus


Every year rather than picking a bunch of New Year’s resolutions that I will have broken by the end of the first week in January, making me feel a bit crap and than throwing the whole lot in. Instead, I choose a word that is my theme for the year.

A word that reminds me of something that I want to achieve.

Of something that is important to the whole of my life, both business and personal.

Of something that is a guiding principle for my year. That I can run past opportunities and see whether or not it fits into my overall plan.

This year I’ve decided that my word for 2017 will be gratitude.


gratitude - 2017 new years resolution


Why? Because there is so much science to support it’s importance in our lives.  Plus, I have so much to be thankful for.

Not only will it make me happier. It will make those around me happier and it will make my brain better and happier.

Now that’s a win-win-win as far as I’m concerned.

It’s a little different to the other words I’ve chosen over the years (you can read about my other words and why I’ve chosen them – 2016, 2015, 2014).

But I see it as a way of helping me expand myself and improve my life (as well as hopefully helping others to improve their own).

So I’m going to pledge 2017 to gratitude.

Everyday I’m grateful for my wonderful blog readers!

Do you have a word or a resolution you like to focus on each year?


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  • I’m grateful to you for not only your blog but also your fabulous programs and the Facebook communities they have created! However my word for 2017 is “change”. Sell a house, buy a house move across the country. Become a grandma in person (haven’t held her yet!). Husband retires. Etc. So I am also committing to really changing my wardrobe and appearance to match my palette, shape, lifestyle and style while having more fun with fashion.

  • I’m grateful to you for all the effort you put toward inspiring us to be and look our best! One of my 2017 words is “orderly”. I’m scattered all over the place – except in my wardrobe. Thanks to you it’s tidy – arranged by color – and ready to be worn in a variety of interesting ways! Looking forward to sharing it on 7 Steps and EYS. Happy New Year!!

  • Good idea! I think I choose “health” and “balance” as two guiding words this year. I have just signed up for 7 Steps and I am so looking forward to it!

    • Great focus Viktoria – always so important to focus on what really matters – and these two really do. Looking forward to getting to know you though 7 Steps.

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