Trying Out Teeth Whitening


One of the things I’ve noticed all my life, is just how your teeth affect how you smile.

I’ve got friends who have chipped and uneven teeth and they always smile with their lips closed, which tends to make the smile feel less authentic.

I had terrible teeth as a kid, a bunch of gravestones, as you may have said, uneven and bucked. I was lucky enough that my parents could afford to send me to the orthodontist for braces to straighten them out.

As we get older, our teeth go yellow with staining from food and drink (tea and coffee being some of the worst culprits), so every few years I like to have my teeth whitened, to reduce the staining and freshen my smile.  Whiter teeth are seen as fresther and more youthful.  They also indicate a high level of hygiene and an ability to self-care.  In fact, whitening your teeth will help you have better oral hygiene (and there are links between oral hygiene and other disesases so it’s super important).

This week I had a PureSmile whitening session at Promedic in Moonee Ponds.  The Signature Treatment that I had  is a 6% hydogen peroxide solution used with an LED teeth whitening light that takes an hour.  Afterwards you’re not to eat for 2 hours, and then you need to go on a “white diet” for two days (which means white foods only, no carrots, beetroot, broccoli, tea or coffee amongst other things) which will help to keep your teeth whitening result last longer.

PureSmile also do non-peroxide treatments too, if you have more sensitive teeth.

During the session the treatment was explained and then I sat back in a chair, listened to some podcasts, while the solution and light got to work.

As I don’t drink tea or coffee I don’t have that much staining, so probably not as significant a difference as someone who does regularly drink these beverages.   You’re told that in this session you can expect 1-2 shades lighter per session (they find your starting point) and then at the end compare and see how much lighter your teeth are.  My teeth ended up 1 shade lighter, but also much cleaner and fresher looking.  I notice it mostly between my teeth, which is often the part of teeth, those edges, that discolour first.

Teeth Whitening treatment
Before (left) and After (right) Just a shade lighter.

Is there pain?  Well my teeth felt a little sensitive for the next 24 hours, but have been fine since.  Using a good enamel enhancing toothpaste assists this too.

What’s the cost?  Well for my 60 minute Signature Treatment it was $199.

I don’t believe in overwhitening teeth, particularly if you’re warm, very white teeth look cool and it’s very obvious that they are unnaturally white.


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  • Great result. I agree whiter teeth are more youthful and it is an inexpensive way of rejuvenating one’s looks. I first got my teeth whitened 12 years ago (whitening gel in custom made trays over 10-12 days) and I have been maintaining the results by doing 2 doses of the gel after each 6 monthly dentist check up – works like a treat!

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