How to Identify Your Style Cycles


How to identify your style cycle - how frequently you need to shop for new clothes and accessories and update your wardrobeHow to Identify Your Style Cycles

This is a topic about the speed of wardrobe turnover.  How often you need something new.

Watch this video on the topic that Jill Chivers of Shop Your Wardrobe and I made here.  And afterwards we got lots of comments and thoughts from Inside Out Style readers about this topic which is why we thought we’d talk more about this popular topic in a new video.

Tell me now:

  • What are your style cycles?
  • Do they differ greatly from other personal time cycles in your life?
  • Are the influenced by weather or season?
  •  Is there a lifestyle element to your style cycles?
  • Do you like to add in new garments frequently or do you prefer to keep on wearing favourite outfits?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this fascinating topic!  Please share in the comments.

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  • Thank You Jill and Imogen – you explain it very well and give a name to what I used to think of as “wardrobe boredom”. Style cycle sounds so much better!

    Personally I’m mostly like Jill, hanging on to favourites for years. However when a new trend comes up that fits in with my style I’m quick to try it out. Like this winter (up here in the Northern hemisphere) we are seeing a lot of long line cardigans. I’ve bought a few and love wearing them.

    There is a problem though. How do I add a coat when all my coats are shorter than the cardigans? None of the fashion magazines give any solution to this problem. Can I wear a shorter coat over a longer cardigan, and how much shorter? Hope you or some of the readers can come up with a solution!

    • Thanks Tina, as far as coats go – you may need a long coat to go over your longer cardigans. I have a variety of length coats which work over differnt lengths of layers.

  • I live in a seasonal place and have a small physical wardrobe for my clothing.
    I store the other season away in my loft area on rails and in bags and have a switch over around this time of year. I have to say that it really helps things feel new and fresh when I’ve not worn them for 6 months. I really enjoyed getting all my coloured linen jackets out in the spring it was a real lift to my mood after the winter.
    For Autumn I think I’m looking forward to tweedy checks and tall leather boots the most.
    I too have bought a long cardigan, I wore it without a coat when things were slightly warmer, but will need to get my longer coats out now!

  • I think I like to add to my wardrobe but am slow to subtract. I replace tees and basics pretty quickly but I do have a few pieces which I will hang onto forever. My white denim jacket has ruching and odd hardware details, so is a keeper, it’s just a little different. The more out of the norm a piece is, the more likely I am to hang onto it for a long time. I hang onto cocktail and evening dresses too, even if it is just to lend out!

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