31 Blogging and Life Hacks


 That will Change Your Life (and Blog) Forever

Problogger PBEvent had some fabulous speakers who share their experiences both in life and blogging.  I’ve posted my tips on how to get the most out of a conference (any conference or educational session you attend).

Here I’ve distilled some of the most salient points which are applicable to all of us, whether we blog or not.  These blogging and life hacks will help you achieve more in your life, no matter what you do.

These thoughts from the speakers have been distilled partly from their words and combined with my own thoughts.

31 Blogging and life hacks that will change your life and blog forever

Tips from Darren Rowse – aka Problogger


1. Just start

No matter what you do in life, it doesn’t have to be perfect (nothing ever is). 80% perfect is good enough.  If you never start you’ll never do anything.

2. Build an email list

Start one now. Communicate with those people who want to get to know you more, even if that list is tiny.  It will give you the opportunity to create income streams in the future.

3. Get into SEO

Use good seo practises and you won’t find your fortunes affected so easily the next change of algorithm.

4. Design with your audience in mind

Whatever you create, think about what your audience want to know, how to make it easy for them to find relevant content that is of interest to them.

Tips from Brian Fanzo of iSocialFanz


5. Perfection is a fairytale

It stops us from taking action and doing things. If don’t believe anyone is perfect why do we stop ourselves by expecting ourselves and work to be perfect?  As I like to say:

You’ll all be aware I’m far from perfect, but I do produce, and I believe that’s way more important.

6. Community is the future

Build a community around your blog or business

This is so true and I’ve discovered just how powerful my 7 Steps to Style and Evolve Your Style communities have become for their participants, which is why I’ve also created my Inside Out Style Lounge community which you are welcome to join.

7. Be yourself, everyone else is already taken

Stand out from the digital noise by telling your story. There is nobody better to tell your story than you.

8. The WHAT is boring, the WHY is interesting

How is something going to impact our lives? Share this with your audience.

9. Celebrate others

Support those aligned with you. Share the love, there is more than enough to go around.

10. Great content is king

Write and create quality content, but remember, quality is determined by the audience not the author.

Tips from Colin Gray – the Podcast Host


11. What’s stopping them?

Discover what the things are that stop your readers from taking action, then help them resolve those issues.

12. Think like a teacher

Break down topics into the smallest elements possible – these are the learning outcomes and help you structure how you deliver content.

13. When people have success they will come back for more

Solving your readers problems will keep them engaged with your content.

14. Ask for interaction

Ask questions, ask for comments, ask for action – when they experience what you’re sharing they will come back for more.

15. Stop thinking small

The world is a big place, the internet is a big place, think bigger and don’t limit yourself.

31 Life and Blogging Hacks that will change your life forever
Before you even ask – these shoes are comfortable (well as much as any heel is) and are by Julian Hakes – they are amazing!  When I’m not wearing them they live on a shelf in my studio as artworks.

Tips from Ed Dale – The Challenge


16. Know what your audience wants

3% of people are looking to buy something, everyone else wants to be enlightened and entertained

17. Understand your readers

  1. pain – what they hate or don’t like
  2. gain: what they can’t wait for or want
  3. jobs that need to be done: answer the question of ‘how do I…’

18. Content + Consistency = Success

Whatever you are doing, good content plus being consistent will lead you to success.

19. Read your copy out loud

Before you publish, read it out loud. You’ll discover your poor grammar, errors and issues in your content before you share it with the world.

20. Hindsight is 20/20

You can only be right or wrong in hindsight

Tips from Dan Norris – 7 Day Startup


21. Form a weird and varied network

Find people to spend time with who are not like you.

They will challenge how you think and offer different perspectives.

22. Be generous

It builds trust and loyalty.

23. Comparison is toxic

Don’t compare yourself to others as it’s a toxic habit that will eat away at you from the inside out.

24. Starve the Hater in you

Don’t allow negative self talk as it will stop you from creating.

25. Feed the Creator in you

Follow your flow, create more than you consume, relax and rejuvenate or you won’t be able to create.

Did you know the reason why we have more ideas in the shower as it’s a place where we are relaxed and it allows our brain to function on a more creative level.

26. Accept that you will probably fail

But if you never fail, you’ll never discover if you can succeed.

Tips from Daniel Flynn – Thank You


27. Consumers value convenience

Make it easy for your customers.

28. Turn your stumbling blocks into stepping stones

When we learn from them we can build strength persistence and ability to to achieve our dreams.

29. Know your why

When you know why you are passionate about doing something, it’s much easier to stick at doing the work you need to do to achieve your desired outcomes.

Build daily reminders of your why as it will keep your mind focussed on your passion and get you to overcome the challenges that will occur as you go through life.

31. Know your impact

Even helping one person is providing a positive impact on the world. Don’t dismiss the small stuff you do every day.

30. You have the power

You can change the world, change minds, change people’s lives.

Use your power for good.  Be a positive influence and leader.


and a final life hack from both Daniel Flynn and Darren Rowse


31. Feel the fear and do it anyway

If you’re feeling scared about doing something on your list, treat it as a signal that it’s something important to do. Step forward into that thing that’s scaring you. Put it on the top of your list.

These were just 31 of the pearls of wisdom that I picked up at the Problogger conference.  If you want listen to 50 Problogger conference sessions from 2016 and 23 from 2015 then why not grab your virtual ticket and be inspired, learn and grow your blog.

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