How to Deal With One of the Joys of Ageing aka Night Sweats


I’m happy to be ageing (and I’d hate to not get the opportunity), but I have to say there are a few issues (I know, first world problems) that I’m less keen on that come with age.

A couple of the side effects of aging are things nobody told me about. Yes, I know all about wrinkles, sagging skin and greying hair. But it’s a couple of the other things that have caught me by surprise.

Receeding Gums is one little issue that nobody told me to expect. Now I have to carry dental floss/dental picks with me everywhere so that I can make sure that I’m ensuring that my conversational partner’s stomach isn’t churning as that bit of lunch is stuck in my teeth.  I’m sure it also makes my denist happy as I’m flossing more than I ever did before.

But that’s just a little thing.

The issue I’m finding harder to deal with is the night sweats of peri-menopause (and I believe they continue right through menopause). Waking up bathed in sweat night after night. Feeling clammy in that kind of “hot/cold” way that happens in winter as my pajamas have soaked through with my hot flush, but cold air and wet fabric are not a good mix.

I tried wearing some of my running clothes to bed to see if that sports fabric would make a difference, they did a bit, but boy the smell after a sweaty night wasn’t pleasant (and they feel kind of plastic too).Wicking sleepwear for night time hot flushes and night sweats

So I was pretty excited when I discovered a sleepwear range made by Eaden Sleepwear to deal with this less than pleasant side effect.  I immediately ordered a pair of PJs to try it out and see if it worked as well as the website suggested and I have to say I’m truly converted.  In fact I’ve ordered a bunch more!

It’s made with  Dri-release fabric what dries 4 x faster than cotton and draws mositure away from the body so I don’t wake up feeling clammy, but it’s way softer and more comfortable than sports clothing.  It also includes Freshguard which virtually neutralises odor so I don’t have to wash them every day and I don’t wake up smelling of sweat.  Now that is a glorious thing!

Eaden Sleepwear for menopausal night sweats
Ready for a good night’s sleep in my Eaden PJs

Sure I still wake up sometimes super hot and needing to cool down, but it’s not so uncomfortable that it stops me from sleeping (and I do love my zzzzs) like it did before.

Find out more at Eaden Sleepwear.


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  • I was recently told about Eaden and gave their PJ’s a go during the last trimester of my pregnancy and I have to say it definitely made a difference. I was still hot, but not sweaty and sleeping in damp clothes. Wendy was so nice to deal with too. I managed to pick up a few items on sale but wouldn’t hesitate to pay full price, definitely worth it.

    • I hadn’t thought about pregnancy – and yes that would be another time when overheating in bed is common! I’m glad that you too have had a good experience.

  • Imogen, I found relief using Eaden sleepwear too. Have been wearing their products for years now, as this Menopause thingy can last forever!!

    • Nooooooooooo! I’ve always been a cold person, and during the daytime I’m still freezing most of the time (particularly in winter), but the overnight overheating is new to me!

  • I’m not in that stage yet but having been a 34KK and post reduction being at a 34H I do experience under bust sweat on hot days. I currently use corn starch to keep it in check but when I can I’ll try these.

  • Imogen,

    I’ve had terrible night sweats due to both the pause itself and another one of its possible side effects: repeated uti’s. My dr told me that intense sweating at night is one of the symptoms of “occult” (otherwise symptomless) uti’s. If you find you are also getting sweaty hot flashes during the day, you may want to do a home test just to rule that out.
    For severe pause sweats, I’m taking Gabapentin. It has some mean side effects, but it works, and I was desperate.
    I sleep in loose, all cotton gowns. So much for all my lacy, pretty, clammy-polyester chemises!
    Thanks so much to the commentors who mentioned the cold pillow and provided the info on keeping the upper body cool!

  • Hey Im, I wear Eaden nighties & love them even though I don’t sweat at night..I have clients who wear them for menopause reasons & absolutely swear by them!
    If anyone’s in Adelaide Michelle at Blackwood Lingerie has them in stock!!

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