How to Style Paperbag Waists


How to style a paperbag waist

One of the 2016 fashion trends you can expect to start seeing in stores is the paperbag waist pant and skirt. They are a slightly tricky trend to style so I want to give you some pointers here if it’s a garment that you want to wear.

They suit a waisted body shape (X, A, 8) or a very slim straight shape (I), but really don’t work well for those without a defined waist as they highlight the waist area with volume.

When styling a paperbag waist you need to understand the principle of volume, your bottom with the paperbag waist will be the voluminous garment you’re wearing, so you need to pair them with more fitted tops and jackets.


How to Style a Paperbag Waist Pant

How to Style Paperbag Waist Pants



Notice how I’ve chosen a fitted top and tucked it into the paperbag waist to ensure that the volume of the trousers is balanced by the top. I’ve chosen a top with ruched sleeves which would work to help balance the volume of the pant by adding a little width to the shoulders (avoid ruched sleeves if you already have a square or wider shoulder and you don’t want to make them look broader).

How to Style a Paperbag Waist Skirt

how to style a paperbag waist skirt


A paperbag waist on a skirt can often sit as quite a high waist, this makes them tricky to wear if you have a large bust, as it will emphasise the size of your bust. So this kind of waistband will work well with a smaller bust.

Keep jackets and cardigans more cropped, if you wear a longer jacket or cardigan the extra bulk of the paperbag waist will push it out in an unflattering way.

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  • If you are an I shape or an H shape that leans to the slender side there are a couple of other ideas that work as well. I have styled a paper bag waist Hache skirt with success. I brought the skirt up a bit and belted it a little high…as I have a rectangle shape I had a lot of choices of where to belt the skirt as my is torso being pretty much the same up and down. Then I floated a loose, cropped kimono style top over the area I belted and chose as a waistline. I have a couple of these type of tops…some cropped all the way around and some just cropped in front and long in back. This gives the illusion of a waist as the belted section sits beneath and behind the floating hem of the cropped top. A thin tank or layering tee can be worn underneath if desired.

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