Crushing on Tote Bags


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My name is Imogen and I’m a bagoholic!

OK, there is my confession. I’ve always loved handbags – I guess it’s because you never feel fat in them! No matter whether you lose or gain weight they fit the same.

I never carried a nappy bag when my kids were young, just a larger handbag and a tote style is a fabulous replacement for a nappy bag if that’s the land you’re living in!

I’ve been collecting handbags for a long time. I think my love affair with bags started in my late teens or early 20s and it hasn’t abated.

I don’t buy too many of them, but I do like to add one to my collection every now and again, and I do cycle through my bags depending on what I’m wearing, where I’m going and the outfit as a whole.

At the moment I’m crushing on tote bag styles. Big enough to hold my ipad, diary (yes I still carry a paper one, I just don’t like the electronic version, as much as I’ve tried) plus all those other bits and pieces, from lipstick to pens, bandaids to pain-killers plus a few business cards!

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  • So with you on this one. Often my tote is my favourite part of the outfit. It’s where I add that bit of crazy that makes classics fun.

  • Loving the poppy handbag and its price… I don’t have too many handbags, I try to buy one that goes with everything, but that poppy is eye poppingly gorgeous. Love the fringed tote but when you’re a mum you need two hands, so shoulder is better for me. The gucci snakeskin is gorgeous, but pricey. Thanks for the share. When I go to town it always involves a half hour in Strandbags… I want them all, but know I won’t use them.

  • I loooove tote bags too. I bought this gorgeous black one from Banana Republic that I just loved so much and then after a month the handle peeled. Back it went. I didn’t understand why they would say it’s all leather and then the handles peels!

    I then purchased a really nice one in brown by Ralph Laurent. I got an awesome prices since it was on sale AND I got an add’l discount for opening a Macy’s card 🙂

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