What I Wore and Weekend Reading – Valentines


boo radley dress

Another stinking hot summers day.  Meeting with the Nuffnang Bloggerati called for a cool silk Boo Radley dress and jewelled sandals.pink teal and blue

Playing with colour, navy my base and then some teal and hot pink as accents.snakeskin dress

Doing a colour consultation meant that I didn’t want to be wearing lots of colour, so I opted for this snakeskin print dress (from Target as are the shoes!)verily caftan

Hot Sunday in Summer required my Verily Prism Caftan.

white on white


A pair of target shorts and a cropped top from Myer (this is how you can wear one if you don’t want to show your stomach.

Now if you’re have glasses and think that makeup is hard to apply get onto these tips from Sharon  Makeup to Tips for Glasses Wearers 

Valetines Day Posts from my fellow Bloggerati:

Gift Guide from Couturing

Last minute gifts from Vintage Current

LOVEly cupcakes from Loveswah  plus some other Valentines Desert Recipes

Want to make a heart from a Strawberry?  Here is the technique from Be a Fun Mum

Make a heart shaped gift box with My Poppet

Some printable cards to pop in your kids lunchboxes from School Mum

Something for the kids to make from Learn with Play at Home


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  • Cool, I love the way you have accessorized the navy outfit. Through your guidance, (website) I managed to get my 15 year old looking stylish for one of her friends parties. Up till now she has shown no interest in how she looks. She has a very minimal wardrobe, as she is still growing,. We put together her black skinny jeans with boots, a turquoise and grey striped top with a smart black jacket, made casually smart by turning up the sleeves. I then lent her my turquoise and teal necklace to accessorize. If I do say so myself she looked fab and very put together. ~Thank you for giving me the information to help my lovely girl xx

    As she has grown I will now have to shop for new clothes for her. The difference this time is that thanks to you, I will be able to build a capsule wardrobe giving her plenty of variations without spending a fortune. I look forward to seeing you daily posts. I hope this message will reaffirm to you what a difference you make to so many ladies around the world and I thank you from the bottom of my heart


  • I envy you the hot weather – we are freezing in NYC! Tomorrow promises to be the coldest day in decades. Looking at how wonderful you look with your blond hair, I almost have forgotten your very dark brown hair.

  • Lovely outfits! I’m curious about the snake skin – is it only a personal preference or there is another reason for wearing this kind of print? And the watch, is it from Oriflame? Thank you! And thanks for the link about glasses and makeup, glasses are only a part of the equation. Best regards, Jelena

  • Where do you find all those lovely matching shoes in such a comfortable style. Every outfit perfectly co-ordinated. Where do you find the time to care for your kids, make dinner, clean house, have time with your spouse and kids and look so good. I would love you to do a piece on time management and beauty: it’s the flip side of beauty.

    • The shoes – I have been collecting shoes for many years. I know my colours and what suits me, plus what I’ll wear and my style, so it makes it much easier to pick up pieces as I pass them on my travels.

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