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Online shopping has become something that many people do. I think my first experience of online shopping was probably eBay, but these days it can be a really convenient way to find items you need, or want, that you can’t get locally.  I’m not a huge online shopper as I want to touch, feel and really see clothing and try it on before I buy, but I do dally in it every now and again, particularly for nabbing a great bargain that isn’t size relevant (though I have dabbled more recently in shopping online for clothes) that I wouldn’t find at my local mall (or just couldn’t).  These days you often get better value online. I know that I bought my laptop online because the prices were better than in store, and it was delivered to my door (and who doesn’t love getting a package delivered!).  And if you live in a more remote location where local shopping selections aren’t that great, then the online shopping world is a complete bonus, and most likely a necessity for you.

One of the biggest worries consumers have  with  online shopping is that of scams or fraud.  There are many very safe retailers to shop with, but sometimes you may not be sure, and we’ve all heard stories of hackers getting at sensitive information.  This is why it’s great that MasterCard has launched a new secure way to pay online called MasterPass , in conjunction with many of the banks.  With MasterPass, your payment and shipping information is stored by your bank in one safe place.  This means you can checkout with confidence and fearlessly shop the world whenever you see ‘Buy with MasterPass’  , you don’t have to keep inputting your payment details when you shop online, it stores them for you ready to use and makes checking out faster, easier and safe.

Online shopping
Everything I’m wearing bought online – including my new sunglasses that I picked up from OzSale, thanks to Masterpass

I recently tried out the service to see how easy it is.  I first had to set up my digital bank wallet  which I did here, which linked my bank, my credit cards and MasterPass together and then it was as easy as visiting one of the retailers who use this payment method (you can find a list here). When I went to the checkout, I just had to put in my  password and answer a security question, instead of inputting all my credit card and shipping details.  Now I only need to store my credit card details in one place which makes it simple and convenient to shop online. I bought these fabulous sunglasses from Ozsale using Masterpass an it was so easy!



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  • Im addicted to online shopping. Makeup, skincare, clothes, jewellery, you name it. I spend a lot of time filling out my details which sometimes drives me Nuts. Im inpatient and Mastercard could save me alot of time. Sounds like a win win.

  • I love a good on-line shopping trip and I often visit clothing sites such as ModCloth, Birdsnest and Stylefast. I’ve also encountered on-line fraud–my card details were stolen from an overseas site that was hacked. It’s an awful feeling when you realise that your security has been breached, and that feeling is quickly followed up by a lot of frustrating cancelling of cards and reissues. A secure and easy way of buying on-line like Masterpass would be brilliant, and a very satisfying way of stopping the hacker creeps in their tracks!

  • I buy all sorts of things online. Make up, clothing, books, appliances…anything that’s better priced or more convenient than having to hunt it down in a bricks and mortar store. MasterPass would add to the convenience factor. I love having the convenience of any time, any where, any device secure shopping to fit into my lifestyle.

  • I live in rural WA and find shopping online indispensable – I buy everything from fireplaces and coffee tables to clothes and books. Making it more secure would be fantastic – we have also experienced online fraud (when buying three dog houses!). Luckily the banks are very good at sorting it out but it is very inconvenient when you need a new credit card.

  • This is the first time that I’ve heard about Masterpass, but I’d agree that a card that assures better identity protection would definitely be a valuable asset.
    I try to be a “conscientious consumer”, buying fewer items of better quality and of local origin whenever possible, but books are a constant purchase temptation. Unless I’m extremely familiar with a clothing line it seems like a wanton risk to order ill-fitting or poorly made article.
    Seeds, bulbs, & plants are another area where I like to invest my dollars, but the WA quarantine can be a challenge for importing certain varieties.

  • I can’t say I’m really much of an online shopper for shoes or clothing as I tend to find fit tricky for me even when I get to try things on in stores, but I do like to buy books online from one trusted site.
    Online fraud can be at best a hassle but at worst a real nightmare so it’s great that Mastercard has come up with a really useful and clever way to protect consumers. Good job Mastercard!

  • Here I am, online, excited about all the wonderful things I’ve found that I can’t get in rural Australia. I have thought about it carefully, I anticipate my purchases arriving at my door, I click on the “buy” button and the bubble bursts….too hard, too risky, too long, go back, enter info again….now what’s wrong? I give up.

    Here I am with Masterpass, online, excited about all the wonderful things I’ve found that I can’t get in rural Australia. I have thought about it carefully, I anticipate my purchases arriving at my door, I click on the “buy” button and it all goes through in flash, no frustration, no fraud thanks to Masterpass.

  • I love a online shop, the masterpass seems like a great way to up the security of my transactions will defn be investigating. P.s love the blog, it’s my new find of the holidays thanks for the advice!

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    Reality, more would bE
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    And simpler to pay. A
    System like MasterpassS
    Surely ticks the boxes and makes online purchases easY

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