What I Wore: This Week


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Suede boots from Hush Puppies, coated denim jeans from Witchery (these are similar)

Everyday style

Top is from Big W Emerson range, shoes are from Mox Shoes, skirt is by Boo Radley (this one is similar)

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Metalicus top with a waterfall cardigan (similar) and coated denim skinny jeans (similar).

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Metalicus tshirt and pair of shorts from Target for a hot summery Saturday

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  • I find it really interesting to look at your pictures and use the knowledge that you give us on this site to spot how different textures and things look with the person wearing them. As in, to me, you look really good in fabrics that have some sheen. I think you’ve mentioned this before – your skin is “shiny” and you can wear sheen? It’s really useful to see real life examples of these things, you can see how it works through the sometimes quite subtle differences it makes. That peacocky-blue top in the first photo with the great back detail, looks a bit shiny and I think it looks really nice. So if shine works for you and you’re wearing matte fabrics, you could add some shine with your accessories? To me, the addition of white with anything looks great on you – is it that you’ve got quite white teeth and eye-whites? A really opaque, really paint-like white looks great on you I think. I hope I’m not overstepping the mark with my comments! I don’t mean to offend at all, I just find it fascinating starting to see how these things work and it is often much easier to look at someone else over time – especially someone who actually knows how to dress themselves with all of this in mind – than to see it in yourself. Also interesting to see how you have your own style and personality in the way you dress that suits you, while also using “the guidelines”. I look crap in shiney – this much I do know!

  • You are just plain beautiful, Imogen. :). And these pics just might give me the guts to try out some coated jeans. Do you find them difficult in anyway, such as too warm to wear often or tough to wash and dry?

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