What I Wore: Frocktober Week 2 2014


Frockober 5

Floral necklace and coat for a trip to the theater, the premiere of Once, the musical (I’m writing a review which I will publish next week).

Frocktober 6th

I was challenged to white on white.  If you make a donation you too can give me a Frocktober Style Challenge!  Just leave it in the comments when you make your donation.

Froctober 7

Today my challenge was to be a bit rock and roll, so I teamed a black dress with a slim pant, ankle boots and leather!  A bit of metal on the chain belt and infinity scarf from Verily (remember I donate all my affiliate income – 10% of the sale, from Verily to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation) to finish off the look.


Frocktober 8

My inspiration for today’s outfit was another style challenge to be “hip”, in memory of a very hip dresser who died from ovarian cancer.  So I chose to wear a broderie anglaise shirt underneath a skirt, that I wear as a dress.  I’ve mixed my textures and patterns, floral on the shirt and geometric on the tights.

Frocktober 9Today I decided to play with layers, and put a shorter tunic top over a longer knit dress, with leggings and a pair of comfy mary janes.  I’m also wearing two necklaces!

Frocktober 10

For 10th Frocktober I’m wearing an oldie but a goodie.  It’s a “Gala” frock from Karina Dresses, necklace off ebay, and linen cardigan from Target.

Did you know that the money I’m raising will go towards any or all of the following :

  • $15oo that’s the cost of a -20C laboratory freezer for biological specimens
  • $5000  is the cost of a refrigerated bench top centrifuge, a liquid nitrogen storage tank, a tissue culture incubator
  • $15000 is the cost of a microscope and a digital camera
  • $50 000  is the cost of a Laboratory Assistant for one year
  • $80 000 is the cost of a Research Fellow for One year

All the funds  go towards the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundations’s principle mission of:

  1. Developing and implementing an early detection program for ovarian cancer
  2. Improving the mortality rate, management and long-term survival of women with ovarian cancer
  3. Gaining fundamental understanding of the causes of ovarian cancer.

The Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation receives NO government funding and relies solely on the support of the community.  That’s pretty sad considering how many women die from Ovarian Cancer!

I appreciate every cent you donate towards this fundraising effort from the bottom of my heart!  Please do donate to help fund this vital research.


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  • Love how creative some of your outfits tend to be!

    Also loving your very blond hair and it is v educational to see how the ensemble with the red scarf and grey jacket makes it possible for you to pull off black so successfully, despite having a light colouring and no longer being high-contrast.

  • The white on white looks amazing! Also love the “rock star” outfit – both edgy and sophisticated which it seems to me is not something everyone could do. Very unique and groovy – outdated word, but, it just looks kind of funky, cool and energized to me, but still classy.

  • You look great Imogen! Especially in the photos with the red scarf. That color is so flattering on you and makes you look so young and gorgeous!!

  • Imogen, I’ve just been finding out about Dr. Fuhrman’s eating plan. He has incredible success with reversing cancer in his patients. I know one man who went to him with cancer and is now cancer free and one man who went to him with a tumor and it is gone. It is basically an eating plan where you eat vegetables, legumes and fruit, cooked and raw… plus whole grains, only a little more limited on the grains. I just thought I’d mention it for those who may be struggling with cancer. You can just read one of his books and follow the plan. I started eating on his plan about 3 weeks ago and feel incredible. I think the wonderful feeling is absence of inflammation. I’ve also gone down 12 lbs in those 4 weeks, which is great.

    You look beautiful in your photos.



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