Weekend Reading – UnShopping by Debbie Roes


This week I was sent a review copy of Debbie Roes new ebook UnShopping: Recovery Solutions from an Ex-Shopaholic. It’s a guide to help shopaholics shop less, and shop smarter, but is a relevant book for many of us who many sometimes shop for reasons other than necessity.

This book is packed with some really useful tips to help you shop more consciously. Many people, shopaholics or not, shop without purpose, without a list, and without a budget, bringing home items that they really don’t need or don’t love.

Whether or not you feel you have a shopping problem, I’d recommend reading UnShopping just to help you identify if you have any shopping weaknesses so that when you do shop, it’s a positive, not a negative experience.

The book covers both bricks and mortar shopping, regular and resale, as well as the newer devil, online shopping and gives you strategies to manage both.  It also covers how to analyse what you have and do and don’t wear, so when you do shop you have a plan and an understanding of what you love, you wear, fits your lifestyle and works for you.   There is a great section on how to incorporate new trends into your wardrobe, not matter what your age plus shopping when you’re in a transitional period in your life.

There is lots of great information in the book and is a quick and easy read.  For the price of a cup of coffee you can’t go wrong reading this if you want to become a smarter shopper!



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