My Style Crush – Blue and White


Style crushBlue and white patterned items have long been a style crush of mine. From willow patterned plates to Ming vases, I’ve long been in love with the simplicity of the colour scheme along with the curvy detailed, oriental feel of the pattern.

The minute I saw the blouse I’m wearing in the picture above, I had to have it. Β And I’ve noticed that whenever I see a blue and white garment I’m immediately drawn to it.

Cavalli Dress
Cavalli Dress

This Ming Vase dress by Roberto Cavalli has been my ultimate evening dress fantasy from the minute I saw it.

willow pattern style crush

Do you have a style crush? Tell me what it is and why you think you love it so much.


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  • Imogen, you are truly a woman after my own heart! Ever since I can remember I have loved blue and white and especially Willow pattern. I have been collecting it for years! And also jewellery and clothing in blue and white and some of it is in willow pattern style. There’s just something about it that resonates with me. And anything with butterflies as they are symbolic of how I have changed as a person from being trapped in a coccoon of low self esteem to being free to believing in myself and having the confidence to be who I am.

  • Color wise, my “style crush” must be burgundy with baby-pink/old rose or coral. Fabric/Clothing are lace in pastel hues worn with edgy accents (e.g. a leather jacket) or two-toned lace.

    To be honnest, Im not sure why I love these two style “elements”, because it’s something Ive always been drawn to for about 8-10 years now, ever since I morphed from being a nerdy tomboy who wore her brothers jeans and gnawed her nails, hair ends and the tip of pencils (yep, that was me when I was a teenager, xD bwaha! a bit gross habi..) to somebody who is crazy about clothes and makeup – NOT the “Im slapping on my makeup and Im set”, but in more depth and “nerdy” way. Thats one reason I love this websites, its more about the science why clothes work or not, not whats consider “mainstream”, because peer pressure has never been an issue for me (influenced by opinions IS an issue however, how other people treat me). The funny thing, NObody where I live (rural area in Sweden) have any clues about color theory, bodyshapes and such topics. My friends/family freak out everytime I tell them I dont like a certain jacket because it make me “boxy”, they assume right away that I think I am fat, but Im just trying to tell them, the jacket make me shoulders looks visually broader, which make them even more confused. LOL Different style cultures, I guess… X’D Oumppth, off-topic!

    The only thing, I remember why I love the color combo burgundy + coral/babypink, because its a twist of the stereotyped “fashion no-no” red and orange. Alot of people loathe those colors together, I dont. πŸ˜› The two-toned lace or pastel with edgy accents is an garment I actually have, a sort of lace lined jacket in black and old rose that I bought many years ago. Despite I dont wear it anymore, I can’t depart with it, because its something Im attached to. I just love the way it looks, but I just dont get any inspiration to what to wear with it. It was something I wore a half decade ago, when I had a more dark “alternative” inspired style (think alot of dark colors with dolly shoes or combat boots, dramatic eyes and choppy short hair) but now I prefer more of a professional ladylike outfits with a tiny bit of edge/feminine touch to it. (like a lace dress with blazer & pumps & pearls). I find it a bit too dressy for my everyday wear, too sexy for corporate/formal events and Im not someone who goes out with the girls other than eating out with relatives, so yeah…. tricky clothing dilemma. (strangely, Ive no problem layering lace tops over colored tank tops for daytime wear…) This is how the jacket (or cardigan) looks like: This jacket is my “style crush”, something I cannot depart with. Strange thing is that i dont have any sort of “memory” when I bought it, I just love two-toned lace garments… πŸ˜›

    Sorry for the “essay” again! ;P

  • I think we may have been joined at birth Imogen. Your change of hair colour is something I have been attempting for years. Until I read your journey I never looked like “me” with lighter hair. Only needed to lighten my wardrobe and am on the road to graceful grey. To find you also love blue and white made me smile. I particularly love them with a chinese pattern, too. Add butterflies and flowers, a little silver and you can’t go wrong. Thanks for being you. You make my day.

  • I’ve never really thought about it before, but I do gravitate towards blue and white patterns…when I can find them! I had the more gorgeous patterned top in blue and white, excellent style, fit me perfectly, felt (and looked) so great in it. Well, of course, don’t you know my delicate, beautiful blouse that I always hand-washed somehow got mixed in with all the regular laundry and the poor thing got ruined in the washer. Oh sad day!! Am still on the quest to replace it. I do love yours!

  • You are looking FABULOUS and love the blue top. I am always attracted to black white patterned pants and skirts, as well as coloured patterned pants.

  • I love the blue and white too. In fact I love anything with an Asian influence. The colours and patterns are so inspiring and make me smile. The difficulty I have is that I don’t feel I can’t wear patterns on my top half, since I’m already top heavy and they tend to accentuate this. And I avoid buying patterned bottoms as that minimises their versatility. Instead I find myself admiring everyone else’s use of patterns.

    By the way – I’ve been following your blog for just over two years but this is the first time I’ve made a comment. I just wanted to let you know that yours is by far the most useful fashion and style resource I have ever come across. My interest in the area started back in the 80s when I read my mum’s copy of Color Me Beautiful (the old four colour seasons) and I’ve been obsessed ever since. Thanks Imogen for your endless inspiration and advice!

    And I can’t end without saying how fantastic your hair is looking now. Your complexion is really glowing with the softer colour hair.


  • I love deep dark purple (one of my signature colours) and turquoise together. Another favourite combination remains black and white. I have paler skin, light-coloured eyes and darker hair and my colouring is bright and I feel v lucky to be able to pull off black and white. Everyone is in awe of your new look and granted, you do look fantastic, but I have to say while in the past I yearned to have been born blonde, I now feel the luckiest on earth that I have been blessed with the colouring I have (for now), suiting bright and high contrast. I can wear the most amazingly dramatic and striking look out there, which I just love to show off.

  • Yes, I have a style crush – actually the same as yours. I also love clothing with a blue/white porcelain style design. I inherited a big stack of Royal Copenhagen blue fluted porcelain and I’d jump at the chance to get a shirt with the design elements. Maybe I should write them and suggest they produce fabric with the design πŸ™‚

    Apart from that I generally fall for bold Asian or Asian style prints on silk – as well as the soft, rich drape of silk and fine wools. Unfortunately an expensive taste….

  • I love jackets/blazers. I love how I can change an outfit just by slipping a different jacket on over my top. It’s very hard to talk myself out of just “one more”.

    I also have a huge shoe crush.

  • I love

    blue and white
    black and red
    black and white
    black and cobalt

    A mandarin collar is the icing on the cake.

  • I love brown and cream patterns – in fabric, in home decor, in toile, in transferware, in everything! Brown and cream are so rich together for my autumn coloring. And I can throw in an accent color easily. Most of my wardrobe is brown and cream, with several color pops of orange, green, and gold.

  • Blue and white too! So fresh and pretty and suits my coloring. Also jackets, they pull an outfit together and cover up the lumpy bits. Add a scarf, earrings, sunglasses and a bangle to any outfit to feel really pulled together for the minimum of effort! Oh, and a great pair of shoes…..what can I say, I like fashion!

  • Your new look is so flattering Imogen. You looked beautiful as well with stronger hair colour, but this look is updated and softer, gives you a beautiful youthful, dewy look. I also like blue and white, however my favourite colours are shades of turquoise, teal, aqua, jade with white. Reminds me of the surf and summer time at the beach, happy times for me. Looking forward to your next fashion advice

  • My favourite colours are blue from turquoise thru to navy, orange, not apricot but more peachy orange to burnt orange. I also love reds. I love jackets, they always finish an outfit to my eye.

  • Funnily enough I was wearing a blue and white polka dot top today (which is one of my favourites) with my black jeans. I love the top that you are wearing, so yes blue and white is one of my style crushes too. I guess that another of my style crushes must be stripes as I have striped t-shirts, striped jumpers, striped crop trousers and a striped dress in my wardrobe – not forgetting the navy-striped blazer that I bought recently when I was in London!

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