Breast Reduction Update – Almost 1 Week Post Operation


1 week post breast reduction
Wearing my Verily Birdcage Dress

Tomorrow I reach my 1 week milestone and next Monday I’m off to the hospital to see my plastic surgeon (Yvonne Chow – she did a brilliant job as far as I can tell so far and one of the nurses said that they were the best breasts she’d seen!) to have some dressings removed and new ones applied.

So far, I’ve not been allowed to take a shower (can’t get the dressings wet) so I really can’t wait to do that! It feels so wrong not showering daily.  I miss the water so much.  This morning I managed to take a shallow bath, whilst wrapped in Glad Wrap (plastic  kitchen wrap) to keep my dressings dry.  It did feel good, though no sinking down!

My breasts are still very swollen and I’ve been bandaged up now in compression bandage (tubigrip) since my operation (2 layers of it). It helps to hold me all together, and it’s not like I’m allowed to run anywhere or do any sort of activity anyway. After this doctors appointment I will be allowed to go and buy a soft cup bra to support me for the next while.  I’ve been doing some measuring to figure out my current size (best instructions I’ve found on the web for finding your bra size here) and think I’m currently a 34DD, but expect as the swelling subsides to end up a 34D .

The pain has been nowhere near as bad as I expected. I’m basically taking a couple of paracetamol a couple of times a day now and that’s enough. I’m more sore and bruised where my drains were, than my breasts (at the moment), though I do get some weird sensations through them (tingling and concessional burning kinds of feelings) though I believe this is totally normal and is nerve pain.

I’m not allowed to do much, no grating cheese or hanging out washing (or using a hair dryer, which is something that is even harder for me as I’m having non-stop bad hair days at the moment). Have to let all my wounds heal so that I don’t tear stitches or do any sort of damage that makes me start bleeding.  I had my root touch up appointment scheduled for my hair today, so it was great to also get a wash and blow dry, and I’ve booked in for another wash and blow dry next week, so at least I get to have a couple of good hair days!  I feel way more human now.

Have been feeling pretty tired. Do a lot of napping, and really not doing much else, watch TV, read some magazines and write the odd blog post. Can’t concentrate too much. Go for some short and slow walks just up and down the street to ensure that I don’t have any blood clot issues (DVT).

A friend dropped over some lovely flowers and commented on just how much smaller I look.  It will take me a while to adjust to my new body image, and I’m looking forward to getting into a proper bra (the tubi-grip gives me a terrible mono-boob) to see just what the new boobs really look like.  I have discovered that every top I put on is saggy and baggy over the breast area.   I am kind of surprised at just how big everything is!  I think I’ve lost about 1/2 my breast tissue (will find out at the doctors appointment about exactly what they took out.  I know she told me after the surgery, but I was so dozy on the anesthetic I can’t remember anything she said.

I was thinking this morning that it will be interesting after I get into a proper bra again to re-measure my body proportions to see how they have changed.  Most of my tops hang off me at the moment, partly from the reduction, but also the weight I’ve lost.  I’m looking forward to trying on lots of clothes when I’m back in a bra to see just how things fit and how this has changed my appearance.

The first thing I notice when I look at myself, is that my breasts no longer jut out over my upper arms.  They are contained with in my torso.  This alone makes me look way smaller.


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  • Great to hear that you are on the mend, Imogen. I think the whole surgery process can be quite draining and then when you feel horrible you tend to eat badly and you can’t be active, and all that just makes you feel worse- so it’s quite the vicious circle.

    You look so much narrower (wanted to use a word other than thinner- and I was trying for something less emotion laden), already that I think once the swelling goes down you’ll be positively tiny. But more importantly it sounds like you’re feeling better.

    I can’t wait to see some more side by side ‘before and after’ comparisons as I’m sure they will be really interesting.

  • Imogen, I think it is great that you take care of yourself in this way! And thanks for sharing your story.

    With your weight-loss, your new hair colour and your operation you almost look like a different person. I cross my fingers that everything will go according to plan!

    By the way I wanted to thank you for writing about the 5:2 diet a few weeks ago. The same day I read an article at the hairdresser about the diet and a friend told me she is doing it, too. Funny how those things always happen simultaneously. Anyway, I started to eat the 5:2 way and have already lost 5 kilos. And I don’t even feel deprived of good food! So thanks for pointing me towards this.

    Wishing you the best!

    • That’s so funny; I’m also an Oregonian! So rare to come across it seems. That cheered me up 🙂 sorry, just a side note! I got too excited not to say anything!

  • Hi Imogen, thank you for sharing your experiences, both from your process of losing weight, changing your hair color, and now of your surgery and recovery, and the changes to your body, your proportions, your appearance. I am sure have a new life after all these changes. You have the chance to invent yourself newly. Take care. Riet

  • After I had my reduction op I sat in a shallow bath and washed what I could and for the top of me I wrung out my cloth and sprayed eau de toilette on it and had a semi-dry wash with that. Then I put on the matching talc powder and perfume. Lovely. (But better when I was able to have a shower, but it made an acceptable substitute.)

  • I’m happy for you that everything is going so well!

    I’d like to recommend you some other brafitting tools, as it can be best to try different ones and see which average starting size they suggest. (Attention: I am slightly obsessed with brafitting :-))
    1) (they also offer fitting advice and have a great youtube channel )

    I highly recommend you the to find “sister” bras once you found one that fits you really well. Also, I’m a member of – we are a german forum and have currently only a few topics covered in english, but we’d be glad to help with any fitting issue. My favourite shop is (UK-based, worldwide shipping, good prices)

    A lot of information on bra fitting can also be found on my favourite brafitting blog ever:

    All the best, I hope you’ll recover quickly !

  • When my son had jaw surgery I gave him a homeopathic remedy called Hypericum. It was great for the nerve damage and his surgeon felt that he recovered quicker than usual. It could be worth trying for your nerve recovery. You could get it from a Homeopath or a Homeopathic Supplier. I think Health Food Thyme in McAdam Sq (Croydon Hills) stocks it.

  • Look at you: what a transformation! This is going to be a whole adventure, figuring out your new proportions and adjusting your style to them… I’m hooked already 😉 I wish you a speedy recovery <3

  • For bra fitting information, I can’t recommend enough. They are *amazing* – & their calculator is great, too! (Plus, it’s a fun rabbit hole to go into if you’re recuperating & can’t do much!)

    Glad everything went with the surgery!

  • A transformation already. Glad everything went well and wishing you a speedy recovery. Looking forward to details and before and after pics etc.

    Is it just temporary, or will you stick to wearing black (partly black – like in the pic above and also in some other recent shots) with the new lighter you?

  • You are looking fantastic (not that you didn’t before)! Rest & recover well.

    I will be interested to follow along with the style impacts: things like how it impacts your accessorising, how much the shapes you wear change, and whether your personal ‘style words’ change or if it’s just how they are expressed. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  • I’m so glad to hear that your surgery went so well. You look wonderful. I’m very interested to see how your new shape & colorings will transform how you dress. My first thought was that you’d trade in your signature chunky necklaces for something more delicate. Thank you for sharing this journey with us. 🙂

  • You are looking positively radiant in this post! I love your hair this length and color. I still remember going for my follow-up appointment with my plastic surgeon after my reduction – his comment was “What perfect breasts! I do awesome work don’t I?” He was so funny but it was true. I was and still am supremely happy I had it done. I’m so glad for you too! Do you have Nordstrom in Australia? That’s where I went for a new fitting after surgery and it was a lot of fun. The salesclerk had also had a reduction years earlier and was great to work with. Keep doing what the doctor tells you and you will be back to your usual activities soon.

    • Thanks Kim – no Nordstrom here, but we have Myer which is pretty equivalent. I’m pretty expert in fitting bras myself so I’ll be off there soon to start trying on (when my scars heal a little more, bit tender right now).

  • I’m so glad everything is going so well. I only stumbled onto your blog last week and was happily surprised at the coincidence of you going in for a reduction the next day. My soon to be 17 year old daughter is booked in to have a reduction in June and so I have been eager to see how you’ve been getting along. She is currently a 34GG and hoping to go down to a 34D. In a strange twist of irony, I’m a 34A/B depending on the bra! I hope your recovery continues to go well.

    • I hope your daughter’s surgery goes well! In many ways I wish I’d done this younger, but always wanted to leave my breast feeding options open, which are not guaranteed with the surgery.

  • Awe… it’s so hard being injured. It’s hard to be patient for the time to pass and the body to heal. I sprained my ankle badly 2 weeks ago and can’t wait to have full range of motion back… I will be praying for your quick recovery. You look beautiful and glowing.

  • I’m so happy for the new you! You look radiant! And quite thin, I might add. Transformations are powerful and add to the leadership quality you already possess. You’ve done some hard work on yourself. I’m grateful for and inspired by your example.

  • Wowsa Imogen – you look happy in this picture. I’m pleased for you and I’m sure your breasts will be amazing…when you finally see them. Well done you.
    Emma xx

  • You look gorgeous! So happy for you. My daughter had this surgery 8 years ago, very successful. Was mostly miserable about not being able to shower! Thanks for all the updates.

  • You look amazing! Your hair looks great also, both the color and cut! The smaller chest and hair changes really make you look much younger. Take care!

  • Hi, Imogen, you look happy! I have to say that having breast reduction surgery takes a lot of thinking. I had one about 10 years ago, and it made a huge difference in my neck pain, proportions, and exercising. I had hardly any pain with the surgery, and recovery went very well – I was out on a speaking engagement 5 days later! (I didn’t tell the doctor!).

    Hard decision but so worth it. Good for you, I’ve actually wondered why you hadn’t done so already! So many women are afraid of it, or what their “man” would think of it, but we don’t have to have outrageous proportions these days, the surgeons are so good. Good luck to the teen above in her surgery. She won’t have to suffer so many years as we have!

    • Guess it’s one of those things Cherie – had thought about it, but didn’t want to do it til after I’d finished breastfeeding (which did happen a few years ago) and then it took around 2 years from getting myself onto the waiting list to having the surgery. I’m happy to have done it, though can’t wait til they stop hurting when I move around!

  • You look awesome Imogen! I went through a huge transformation after mine was done too. So happy that you are doing well. Take care

    • Thanks Liza! It is certainly way easier to buy clothes now! Just have to get past all the burning, tingling and weird pains! Still I’m only a couple of weeks in – just be patient!

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