4 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy a Winter Coat


before you buy a winter coat

The air has become nippy these past few days and it made me think about winter coats.  They are a more expensive item in your wardrobe, so if this year is a year you’re planning on updating your winter coat wardrobe here are a few tips to help you choose a flattering style.  Here are my tips on buying a winter coat so you get the best value from this investment.

Scale of Collars and Lapels

scale of coat


Pocket Placement

pockets on coats


ASOS coat, 63 AUD

Single or Double Breasted

single or double breasted coat


Length of Your Coat

length of coat


whats my body shape


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  • Such great simole tips! Thank you. Even though our winter in NY has just ended, it is a great time to buy sale coats and I’ll have your tips in mind.

  • Thank you, thank you, I love getting all these useful tips!! There’s one thing, however… I’d (also) love some ideas on how to dress when having a small head (and a small face to go with it). Personally I’m somewhere around X or I in shape, but I suspect this situation might occur regardless. I’ve learned by trial and error to be careful about details much wider than my head (neckline, lapels, bulky scarf, oversized pattern/print..) but, well… Pretty please??

    I’ve noticed, btw, that your head seems bigger after the breast reduction, the attention goes straight to your face 🙂 Wishes from Sweden of a speedy recovery – for a beautiful body and soul!


    • If you have a small head, you want to keep the scale of collars and patterns and jewellery smaller so that it doesn’t overwhelm your head. Bigger hair can also help!

  • Hi Imogen, you read my mind. I have been thinking about how to look stylish and yet be warm. I find waterfall jackets great, but they look terrible poking out the bottom of a coat. Any ideas on where to shop for longer style coats in Melbourne / Mornington Peninsula?

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