Who are Your Style Favourite Bloggers?


Which are your favourite blogs to read

What I want to know today is who are your favorite Style Bloggers?

It’s always interesting to read something new, and I’d love to know what you love to read apart from me.

Please share your favorite blogs in the comments!


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  • My favourite Style Bloggers besides your blog are: Already Pretty, Style Workshops Berlin, The Vivienne Files, Wardrobe Oxygen, and YouLookFab.

  • I look at yours daily as well as :

    already pretty
    You look fab
    Vivienne files
    Wardrobe oxygen

  • 40+style, lady of style, fabulousafter40, advanced style, shop your wardrobe, blue hue wonderland are my favorites in addition of course to your great site!

  • I like Brenda Kinsel’s ideas so much, she is not that active on her blog…


    …but her books are packed with really smart ideas for mature women. She has been especially helpful for me in the area of developing personal style. She also is great on accessory capsules, such a useful concept. Overall, just great advice on developing and maintaining a smart and sophisticated look that stays fresh and current.

    I think InsideOutStyle is the best there is on analyzing your body shape and helping to figure out which clothing pieces help to bring out the good and disguise the bad.

  • I have a few besides your blog. Wendy’s Lookbook, Une Femme D’un Certain Age, Eileen Fisher Facebook, Olivia Palermo The Simply Luxurious Life, Garance D,

  • My first and favorite is the Vivienne Files, the blog which got me hooked on style blogs, Une Femme d’un Certain Age, Wardrobe Oxygen, Chicatanyage and Hostess of the Humble Bungalow (although not strictly a style blog, her aesthetic for women over 50 is flawless.

  • Women: Yours, Already Pretty, Simply Luxurious Life, Hourglassy
    Men: Gentleman’s Gazette, Put this On
    Inspiration: The Sartorialist, What Ali Wore (To remind me that style should be a part of every day.)

  • Une femme’s style is just amazing. I read it just to gape open-mouthed at her incredible style.
    Also, Girl with Curves. Don’t have one thing in common with her other than being female but I really enjoy
    that luscious glam look she pulls off every day. She may have just convinced me to wear pale nail polish.

  • isn’t it amazing how many people picked the same blogs? These are what I call ‘meat on the bone’ blogs. They aren’t just outfit photos or dedicated to shopping, they are about style and fashion and how it may relate to you.

    Thank you for pointing out a few I might have not seen without this.

  • I have just found you @insideoutstyle . . . I am in LOVE. I ordered the “Finishing Touch” and need to order “Never Short On Style” . . .You seem to be talking right to me, a petite, 60 +, retired woman . . . who is still hoping to stay hip and chic . . . thank you Imogen !!! The other blogs I follow are Fabulous After 40, Brenda Kinsel (as previous reader said not so active on her blog but fabulous books), The Makeover Guy – Christoper Hopkins (really fun make-over videos).

  • Imogen, yours is my fav for advice, especially on body shape and how to work proportions and polyvore. I also like the style musings on You Look Fab, Already Pretty. Newer discoveries – Style Workshops Berlin, Bridgette Raes Style Expert.

    Bloggers I check out regularly include Tom and Lorenzo, the Sartoralist, Her Waise Choice, Wendy’s Lookbook, Jessica Quirk, Kasia of What I Wore 2 day.

  • You of course as well as:
    Fuller Figure Fuller Bust
    Thin & Curvy
    Curvy Wordy
    Braless in Brazil

    They give good advice for bras and clothing for full busts although it’s still difficult since I’m the largest busted person I know.

  • So far, you are the only one, with a little of Clair Kennedy’s advice from Sewing Artistry–not that I sew enough to make a difference! I am build like Aunt Bea (Andy Griffith tv show) and it’s hard to find anything that fits! Shoulders are a size 12. Bust a size 20. Waist a size 22, but hips more like an 18. Men’s pants fit decently. Women’s leaves me with wings over the hips.

  • Every day I check out the following blogs:

    The Vivienne Files
    Already Pretty
    Recovering Shopaholic
    Into Mind
    Bridgette Raes
    Project 333

  • 1. You subscribe to it with a small fee so not sure if it qualifies as the sort of blog you have in mind (maybe a new business model for Imogen?) but I enjoy Missus Smarty Pants. It is related to the organizational wonder guru, Fly Lady and Missus Smarty Pants is the sister of Leanne who does weekly menus, also a sub-set of the Fly Lady blog. (www. missussmartypants.com)
    I love reading it every Thursday. It might be a bit conservative in tone for some Australian fashionistas as it caters for a church-going American readership but you know that if Missus Smarty Pants endorses a trend you should be considering on its merits for your wardrobe, whatever your age. I’ve subscribed for over 7 years and it has really helped me to update my look as I had a big mis-match between formal dressing which I could do easily and casual dressing which I couldn’t manage at all so I was either over-dressed or daggy. For example I couldn’t work out how to look put-together when I popped up to the shops in a hurry and Missus Smarty Pants has been a lifesaver.
    2. I love the fashion pages of the UK Guardian and the UK Telegraph. The clothes are often too off-beat in the British way but they are a fun read.
    3. The blog Tory Burch has on her site. Can’t afford the clothes but Tory Burch is my style icon and before I buy something I think if she would wear it.
    4. Bill Cunningham in the New York Times – videos of everyday dressing in New York so you can get a cosmopolitan vibe wherever you may live. (He’s over 80 and has been doing his New York Times pages forever – a genius.)

    These are in addition to the ones other have people have mentioned above. I find these days fashion magazines are absolutely useless and online resources are far better.

  • I’ve just checked my feedly and I follow 17 style blogs, including yours. Many have already been mentioned (Already Pretty, Wardrobe Oxygen, Blue Hue Wonderland, and more), but I also love Butane Anvil, and The Style Crone. I don’t think either tally completely with my personal style (though I try to add touches from them on occasion), but they both showcase so many different looks (although, decidedly still themselves) and often link in with other wonderful blogs, all with grand writing, humour and a peek at their off-screen life. A couple of other favourites are James1542 and The Style Sample.

  • Hello!
    im a french blogger and i m a stylist, im interested by the personality like Kritina Bazan, Chiara Ferragni of “the blond salad” but i have many french references like Garance DorΓ©, The bloggers are not my utimate reference, i prefer designer like Yves St laurent :l) the top i think..i love also the blog of Susy Lau with “The style Bubble”, or Keiko Lynn (vintage style), i love the french blog “Pandora”

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