How to Style a Dress


Verily dress
Limited edition Verily dress – similar styles available in either the stripe or spot

Dresses have become the staple garment in my wardrobe. Ever since I did one of those challenges and wore a dress every day for a month I’ve become a complete convert.

Why do I love them so much? Well they are just so easy to wear, plus they can halve your dressing time (you don’t have to think about which top goes with which bottom) and so there is also half the washing!

Grab my favourite Verily Split Cowl Dress (middle left) on sale now!)
Grab my favourite Verily Split Cowl Dress (middle left) on sale now for $39!

It’s so easy to style a dress.  You can:

  • Wear it by itself
  • Add a feature necklace or scarf
  • Wear with leggings or tights and boots when the weather is cooler
  • Add a cardigan in an alternate colour
  • A belt can change up the look if it’s a waisted style.   Think about changing the belt colour or width to create alternate looks
  • Add a fur vest to rug up
  • Add a jacket to dress it up
  • Change up your shoe choices – sandals in summer, ballet flats in spring and autumn and boots in winter
  • Layer a long sleeve top underneath for winter and add a jacket, vest or cardigan for extra warmth in winter

The key to finding a flattering style is to look for one that highlights your narrowest point on your torso.  So if you’re like me without a defined waist (H shape, also V and O shapes) look for those that come in just under the bust or those that skim past your waist without clinging.  If you’ve got a defined waist (X, A, 8 shapes) look for styles which belt at your waist, have a seam at the waist or that are shaped to your waist.  The Cross Your Heart dress (top right in the pic above) from Verily can actually be worn with the narrowest point just under your bust (as I have) or lower down on your waist if you have a defined waist.  It’s versatile!

You always look stylish in a good quality well fitting dress.  Yet it’s easier to put on than a pair of jeans and a t-shirt!  What’s not to love?  Don’t keep dresses for special occasions.  Wear them instead of jeans or more casual clothing – the knit versions are more comfortable and easy wear!

Want to stock up on dresses for your wardrobe? Verily are having a sale with lots of fabulous dresses for only $39 -check it out now and grab a bargain.  They are so easy to wear and care for.  Sizes are very true to the measurement chart provided on the site too!


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  • I always love to see you in my dresses Imogen! I agree, dresses are easier than separates, less choices, more fun to dress up and more comfortable, especially with a little stretch. I am sitting here in my new jeans which are very stiff and am thinking I need to change into a dress!

  • Yay for dresses, esp. from Verily (I have three and love them!).

    My only issue is keeping these leg hairs under control all the time … throwing on pants is often easier :/ When it’s cooler I wear tights, but in the summer it’s more of a pain.

  • Had to comment as like Donna, I love your hair back like that! Not that I don’t like the bob, but you know. Very elegant/Grace Kelly.

    [I find it a PITA to find the right dress, but once I do — agree: so easy!]

  • I love dresses too! I prefer being slightly too dressed up than slightly too casual. Great post, love all the pics you share.

    I don’t think I’ve seen your hair pulled back like that before – gorgeous!

  • It’s strange, I often feel kind of naked in a dress. It’s probably the fact that the whole body is dressed with one big blank canvas and the eye has no point of reverence. That’s why I love to add a belt or a jacket. But where I live it’s often too warm for these two, so I have to switch them for a big necklace or a brooch. Generally I find it easier to wear dresses in winter, when I can use them for layered looks.

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