Statement Rings – FABruary Style Challenge


Finishing off my outfit with a statement ring

I love a statement (cocktail) ring. It can add some oomph to an oufit and excitement to your hand.


A serious cocktail ring

What I love is that statment rings don’t have to be expensive. The ring in this pic above came from Claire’s Accessories, yet when worn with a more dressed up outfit, you assume it’s a more unique expensive piece.

So now it’s over to you to wear a statement ring and share your pics via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest (#Fabstyle @ImogenLamport) so I can find them!


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  • Love that purple ring! I quite like the big, bold rings you find in the cheapie accessory shops, but most of the time can’t get them to fit on my hands (have very big hands). Wearing plastic rings from Diva and Sussan today …

  • I’m flaunting a huge turquoise costume ring. To make it pop I’ve decided to wear only dark brown garments, with a tiered necklace in green and blue shades that peeps from under my jacket. What I like about this look is that it mixes some classic pieces with dramatic and creative/bohemian ones. Apparently this is my personal style formula, because I’ve noticed that when I don’t do this, I feel very drab.

  • My statement ring looks a bit like yours in the first picture, but it’s black. 🙂 The ring used to belong to my Granny, and I wear it with two silver rings my Mom just gave me a week ago. And of course my engagement ring on the other hand.

    • Michelle – we in Australia live in the future so often I’m a day ahead of you.. but that’s OK as it allows me to plan a little ahead so I can get the next blog post up before you get up!

  • I have several costume jewellery rings too and couldn’t decide which one to wear today – so I ended up wearing two of them! Michelle, which part of the world do you live in? It’s still February 8 here in Spain, thought it’s already Day 9 Down Under!

  • I considered making a statement ring to wear today. But realized I’d probably never wear it again, so I sat the day out instead. Plotting my sparkle for tomorrow though!

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