Jacket Up – FABruary Style Challenge


Today I’m wearing a light silk jacket as it’s super hot here!

Jackets are one of the essential third pieces in your wardrobe. They can cover a multitude of sins, and dress up a more casual outfit, or if made from a casual fabric, dress down a fancier one.

Jackets bypass many of your personal ‘statistics’. The can diminish the appearance of a large bust or tummy, cover the back fat and any other part of your upper body that you’d rather people don’t notice.

Their structured nature makes you look more professional, but also helps in camouflaging your lumps and bumps.

Jacket up

I love that these days jackets aren’t all that classic navy blazer or suit jacket, now there are so many options from more casual jackets in comfortable fabrics like jersey, to personality piece jackets that easily become the hero in your outfit.


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  • Very pretty-that color looks so nice on you too. Super hot there and super cold here ( P.E.I. Canada). I am enjoying your FABruary Style reviews. Great idea. 🙂

  • I wear jackets at work almost every day, so this one was easy, but I tried to implement some new tricks I’ve learned. I took a pair of striped trousers that look predominantly grey, with hints of dark red and navy, and paired them with a steel grey sweater top and a black boiled wool jacket. Accessories: black belt, shoes and bag, pearl necklace and square blue-grey Swarovski pendants. Not ground-breaking, but very work-appropriate 8-I

  • I love that blue on you! I also love many of the other jackets that you have shown, though sadly my favourites are waaay beyond my budget! My own jacket isn’t as exciting, but it’s lovely to wear and my priority today was comfort and warmth. I will definitely be looking for a “hero” jacket though next time I go shopping.

  • Today I’m wearing a demin jacket with lots of beading over a brown tank and black skirt with black flats. I’m a Director so I need to dress for work, but I have no meetings today so I went a bit casual!

  • Lovely colours, Imogen!
    My jacket style today based on a short leather jacket which I used instead of a blazer at work. Usually I’ve only used it in Summer and outdoors, so this style challenge really helped me find a new way of using that lovely garment. 🙂

  • That is a really beautiful dress you’re wearing today, and a brilliant summer jacket! The colour is so great on you, and I love the flowy lines of the jacket. It must be perfect for the weather right now.

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