Wardrobe Heroes and Supporting Acts

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  • I was wondering how big part of your wardrobe should be heroes and how big should the supporting acts part be? I guess you should have more supporting acts than heroes right?

    Also should there always be at least one hero in your outfit, or is it okay to only wear supporting acts as long as you wear them in an interesting way? For example if you mix and match different textures and colors.

    • Sophie – as long as there is one hero in an outfit the rest can be supporting acts. And based on personality, some people’s heroes are much quieter than others! Maybe look at a 30/70 or 40/60 split! But of course you can create hero by mixing it up and creating excitement that way using colour and texture without any of the garments being particularly ‘hero’ themselves.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed your video and it has given me a great way of looking not only at my clothes but at myself – I have a lot of supporting acts in my wardrobe and when I wear my zipper necklace (I’m a sewer) it really makes a statement and it finishes the style. Thank you so much for explaining the concept – will definitely now look at my wardrobe differently and can now make better decisions. By the way – have already dealt with the villains. Thanks again.

  • Like a lightbulb going on here!!! I have never been able to work out why my wardrobe doesn’t gel very often- why I keep reaching for the same few pieces even though my cupboards are bulging. I’m a sewer who LOVES making statement pieces in bold colours, and they are NOT support acts. I need to consider maybe buying the (boring to make!) support pieces. Thanks, Imogen & Jill , for opening my eyes!!!

  • I have very few heros; I think it’s hard for me to make a commitment to one item that will stand out every time I wear it. But then, everything I wear looks bland.

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