Why Your Image Matters So Much


How does your appearance affect your chances in the job market?  There are numerous studies that have shown that your appearance will seriously affect your chance of getting a job, getting a promotion, and even, if you a commit a crime, going to jail.  A recent Australian study has again confirmed this fact.

Now, it’s not about being beautiful, but attractive, which we can all be with a good haircut, daily grooming and a wardrobe that suits us and reflects both who we are and our personality, plus, in the job market, is a good representation of that business brand.

Personal Presentation has been listed as second only to qualifications and ability to do a job by CEOs of the Fortune 500 companies as a factor in hiring and promoting employees.

Many people who are very intelligent feel that their appearance doesn’t matter, but having spoken with numerous bosses over the years, they will all tell me that they can’t promote some of their great employees because of their poor personal presentation.  These super smart employees just don’t fit the business brand – and business branding is costly and important to the ongoing success of a business.

Whether or not you agree with this, if you work for a business other than your own, if you want to get ahead, get a pay rise or promotion, you need to ‘play the image game’ and realise that your image speaks volumes.

Fortunately, many businesses now have a more relaxed dress code, but this doesn’t mean dressing like you’re either going clubbing, nor in the kinds of clothes you’d clean the house.

Always remember that you are at a place of work, not out with friends.

Understand the company brand, and look at how you dress and assess if you represent that brand.


If you work in a business and feel that your staff aren’t representative of your brand why not consider a corporate workshop to help your staff understand why what they wear is important to your bottom line (and therefore their pay packets).  Feel free to call or email me if you’d like to speak with me to arrange a session.

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  • I have a question about professional clothing in the workplace. Safety regulations dictate that I have to be dressed from the waist to my ankles, which means I usually live in pants (mainly jeans).
    I love skirts but haven’t been able to figure out how to include them in my work wardrobe. I have exploited a loophole where I’ve worn a knee high skirt with knee high boots but that is pushing the edges of the safety code.
    I am petite I am only 5’0” so longer skirts often make me look like I am playing dress up. Also while being a casual workplace I feel many of the longer skirts on the market don’t make the cut.
    So I am wondering how I could rock longer than knee high skirts and still appear professional and work within safety guidelines?

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