What to Wear – School Gates


What I wore to do the school run this morning

Today my gorgeous kids went back to school after their summer holidays. I’ve spent very little time of the school break working as I’ve mostly had to look after the kids, plus I needed a little holiday myself to rejuvenate.

First day back at school 2013

Having to get back into the school routine, making lunches, ensuring everyone has everything they need for the school day, and doing it all before the school bell, plus having to get up, dressed and groomed myself after having so many lazy mornings over the summer was a shock to the system.

A ladybird hitched a ride on my FitFlop

When I’m not seeing clients I dress more casually.  This summer, my go-to footwear has been this pair of FitFlop Fleurs.  They are so comfy and supportive, yet dressier than a pair of ordinary rubber thongs to run around and run errands in or just go for a casual stroll.

My preferred school run clothing is:

  • Dark denim jeans – dark denim is always more dressy than a more faded denim
  • Top – can be a simple t-shirt to a more dressy top (but still all wash and wear!)
  • or Dress – if I’m not wearing jeans or a skirt – stretch jersey, easy to quickly put on
  • Jacket or cardigan  – if it’s cooler – can be a blazer, biker, waterfall front
  • Necklace or scarf – depending on the weather and my outfit
  • Riding boots, ballet flats or sandals/Fitflops – depending on the time of year and the weather
And then I’ll put on a little mineral powder, blush,  mascara and lip gloss and a pair of sunglasses to finish off my look.
Do you dress for the school gate?  Is there a dress standard at the school your kids go to?




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  • You look great in that outfit! And your children are so very lovely! (Incidentally, have you already identified their colouring and do you dress them in appropriate colours? Especially your little girl will greatly appreciate having a stylist for a mother in her later years I assume!)

    • Susie – yes I’ve done their colouring and they are both warm (unlike me). I don’t make them wear their exact colours – I let them express themselves freely, though the clothes I buy for my son tend to be his colours, my daughter loves pink and lots of colours that don’t suit her, so I think if she wears them all now, she’ll be over them by the time she’s an adult and cares more.

      • I was wondering whether colouring runs in a family, but I guess it’s more down to chance as one’s children’s looks may be v different from one’s own. Both my dad and mum are cool and bright though, as are my brother and I.

        I really love soft, warm, pastel colours and I’ve been quite often drawn to a cream-coloured blouse or similar in a shop, thinking I’d love to wear that. Alas it just doesn’t suit, I need bright and cool instead. I find you can still opt for colours that you love but don’t suit you that much, but you don’t pick them for your outfits, but for your walls and the interior design of your home!

        • Colouring can run in the family – but kids can be different too. My kids are both warm, even though I am cool – but their dad is warm. And yes, just because a colour doesn’t suit you physically, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy and love that colour in your life. I have all sorts of pieces around my house, particularly throw cushions and the like in colours that I’d never wear!

  • When I used to drop of my children it was on the way to work so I was typically dressed for work. However, when I wasn’t working I just threw on a pair of sweat pants or shorts and a t-shirt and then stayed in the car behind my big sunglasses! If I saw anyone I hoped my big smile would distract them from my lack of preparation. 🙂 My kids didn’t have a particular uniform to wear, but their clothes did have to be discreet – no rips or tears, no too short shorts or skirts (finger tip lenght at least), no bare shoulders or mid-drift, and no house-shoes.

  • Ahh, remembering first days of the primary school year and school mums’ drop-off attire, (I’m high school now,and no need/acceptance to go anywhere near the school/child these days!), I remember many of the first-day-of-the-year-primary-mums slugged it out super casual with no real effort on that first day, that was until they discovered a new ‘eye candy’ teacher had just joined the school community.. from then on it was Sunday Best, coiffed hair and lippy at forty paces at drop off! Gotta love inspiration!

  • I work 3 days a week, so on those days I’m dropping off my kids in my work clothes. The other 2 days it all depends on my mood. In my area, things are very, very casual. Most mothers are turning up in their gym gear. I tend to be a jeans and tee type.

    I was just eyeing off some FitFlops while in Athlete’s Foot over the weekend and wondering if they were worth a try. Ballet flats and I just don’t mix.

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