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After 885 posts and around 400 polyvore sets, over 3.6 million page views and thousands of comments I’m belatedly celebrating my 4th blog birthday and just wanted to say to all my lovely readers just how grateful I am to you all for reading and commenting and supporting me.

I always love to hear from you and where possible love to answer your style and image questions, so if there is something you’d like me to cover, please leave me a comment and let me know what you’d like to know.

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  • Happy Blogiversary, Imogen!

    In the short time since I found your blog, you’ve already been a tremendous help and source of inspiration. I love the gentle way you approach subjects when giving practical advice. Great insight delivered in a generous and articulate way—wonderful! Thank you!

  • Happy Anniversary Imogen! I concur with Julie’s comment about your impact on my style choices in such a short period of time. I dress and shop with more direction and focus, can better assess an outfit’s positive and negative attributes (without casting the blame on my body) and have a new understanding of what works for my lifestyle. Thank you for using your passion to help others and for your kindness and insight with your readers. I was impressed with your articles, but also pleasantly surprised to learn that you actually respond to your readers and offer one on one direction. The fact that you do all you do with such positive energy, kindness and sincerity is rare, greatly appreciated and loudly applauded. Three cheers for Imogen! Please keep writing because you help someone new, like me, every day.

  • Happy Blogiversary Imogen! I think I speak for many when I say that we simply can’t thank you enough for the very valuable information on dressing/style/looking and feeling good you provide. You have truly combined science and art, all your tips make sense and your advice is so helpful.

    I have asked the following before and sorry if you were going to make a post (as you said) but not got round to it yet, I don’t want to seem impatient, but in case you’d forgotten if you could make a blog entry on this, would be incredibly helpful to me!

    Question regarding DRESSING UP/DOWN: I have many cardigans – cotton, colourful, not v structured, they are pretty but casual. If I was to wear any of these with something elegant, such as a top and a skirt, both made of satin, the cardigan would not dress the top and skirt down, it would simply look out of place and the outfit wouldn’t look v harmonious. I have similar trouble with a highly elegant jacket and a simple cotton T-shirt/dress underneath. The jump from causal/comfy to dressy seems just too great. I’ve always had trouble regarding this, I do like ‘elegant’ : my style/personality is undoubtedly dramatic but somehow I am also drawn to anything beautiful and feminine. The impression I would usually like to create is stylish and classy. But I generally need to tone down most outfits, as wearing something that is perfect for the theatre is too dressy for every-day life, even at work.

    In short, the biggest problem I’ve had concerning dressing up and down is which materials really go together. Any tips most welcome, thanks so much in advance, as always.

  • Congrats Imogen. I have devoured your blog since I found you last year and I always enjoy your posts. Can you do a post for professional yet comfortable clothes for those who work in education? Enjoy your success and I hope you treated yourself to a nice Blogiversary lunch or dinner. You deserve it!

  • Congratulations, I read your blog everyday. It is practical, modern but realistic. Your polyvore sets are my favourite, I spend hours looking at them.

  • Happy anniversary, Imogen! Thank you for a very interesting and imformative blog. I have learned so much since finding you a few months ago.

    • Happy 4th blog birthday, Imogen Lampert! I LOVE reading your blog. You are such a sweet person and so helpful to me. I’m learning so much from you and finding a new me in learning how to dress myself.

      Can you recommend knee high boots that are really comfortable for every day… that I could even do low impact aerobics in? I like to do 15 minutes of exercise here and there throughout the day as I have a chance as I homeschool my 5 children. I’d like to wear boots with dresses in the winter and not have to change my shoes every time I want to do a 15 minute exercise routine. I asked Sally, from Already Pretty, and she recommended Born and Clarks, but I need to wait until I can find a pair I can afford on ebay, so I thought I’d ask if you knew of any others that would be very comfortable that I can start looking for as well.

      A topic that would be interesting to me is how to make alterations on clothes. I have been adding princess seams to clothes, and shortening and hemming skirts and dresses, but I am doing it out of my own inventive devices rather than out of any know-how. It would be nice to have some instruction on how to do these 2 things properly. Also, is there a way to make shoulders that are too large smaller or arm holes that are too big smaller? I have not been able to do this except to take a top in at the sides and keep going all the way up the armpit onto the sleeve. That seems to make the arm hole smaller. I don’t know if this is right and I’ve destroyed a few outfits with my experimenting, but most were not right for me as they were so I figured I had nothing to lose by trying.

      Thanks again for all your work!



      • Helen – Everybody has different feet, so what is comfortable for me may not be for you – due to my bunions, width of feet etc. But I’ve found this blog that may help you with your search for comfortable boots.

        I have to admit I’m not an expert on alterations – if you check out the sewing pattern review forums you will find lots of information there and people to help you with your questions.

  • Others have said it so well that I’ll just offer my congratulations too, Imogen!

    Your blog continues to be a real resource on proportion, color, and exploring personal style for me (and the friends who’ve asked me for resources).

    I’m always interested when you give us a look at how you make personal style-related choices. Maybe a post on how/when you decide whether an item has earned its keep (assuming it’s not worn out, ill-fitting, or out of style)?

  • I love how your blog takes something very visual and not-straight-forward (to me), and makes it comprehensible – even scientific. It’s helped me to notice that my eyes and hair are high contrast to my skin, therefore I look good in clothes of similar contrast level (deep colors). I never knew what face shape I had until I saw your example with Sally of Already Pretty. Then I could visualize the 1:1.5 oval around my face and see that it’s a heart shape.

    I still haven’t figured out my coloring – I fit somewhere between a Fall and Winter in most of the normal “colors” groupings, but somehow, figuring out if a color will look good on me (or does) nearly always stumps me. (I read Zyla’s book on coloring, and it was helpful. I think I’m “antique winter” on his scale, but I don’t like being limited to 5 or so “best” colors to wear).

    I’d love articles on finding “your” shade of different colors. For example I love green, and I love nature-y green things as inspiration (deep forest), but I have a hard time figuring out which, if any, greens I can wear and look okay, or even fabulous, in. Same with yellow and orange – especially when they’re trendy, I’d like to try them, but don’t know how to figure out which tones will work for me.

    Also, I like your posts on flattering (hiding or hilighting) different body parts. Thanks for a terrific blog!

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