How To Shop – Tips and Techniques


Today Jill Chivers of My Year Without Clothes Shopping and I discuss shopping tips and techniques to make sure the shopping you do is a positive experience and you don’t waste money on clothes that don’t work for you, that you don’t need or a just not right for you.

Watch this short video on conscious shopping techniques.

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  • These are great, fabulous, wonderful videos…except for the location. Were you in front of a pet shop? I kept thinking I heard birds… hard to hear you sometimes. A quieter background would help viewers hear your message. Looking forward to the next video!

    • I know there are birds chirping -that was the quietest spot we could find – it was in the city of Melbourne (Federation Square) and I’ve had to cut out helicopters flying overhead already! Was unfortunate that that was the only location we could get together in as Jill is from Queensland and was only down for a day and we had to squeeze it in. Next time we get together we’ll make sure our location is quiet!

  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your tips! I rarely take a list with me and end up buying stuff that either has to be returned or just hangs in my closet taking up valuable space. THANK YOU Imogene and Jill!!

    (It was hard to hear, especially since I’m from the states and not used to your accents, but I completely understand why. Hopefully it will be much quieter the next time you meet!)

  • Imogen, I appreciate the info on this video but found it really difficult to follow because of the background noise. I would MUCH rather have it in writing than to listen to a video. Is it possible to post a transcript?

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