Spring Racing Carnival – What to Wear


I’ve been invited by Gem Marketing to the VRC Oaks Club Luncheon on Wednesday and the dress code is Racewear – so I thought that I’d put together some outfits and let you vote on which outfit I should wear. ┬áI’ve taken some photos and included some close ups of the hats – so now it’s over to you to choose!

Verily Dress


Karina Dress with Cobalt Hat

alternatively…. same dress, different hat – this time with peacock feathers

Karina dress Peacock hat

and now for some leopard alternatives…

Leopard dress with leopard spot flower hat

Same dress, blue jacket, but with blue or leopard hat?

Leopard and blue jacket – but which hat?

Or finally, some hot pink…

Verge hot pink jacket


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  • I have just voted for the Verge pink jacket because as well as looking gorgeous, you will need the warmth that it will give as I just looked up the forecast for you and it will only be 19 degrees, with maybe a shower.

  • Thanks for showcasing these outfits, Imogen! you can really wear dress hats; every single one looks terrific on you, with your hairstyle just as it is. You have great hat taste.
    (BTW, my preference for shoes are the closed black pumps, as I enjoy racewear with a dressier feel.)

    Now I’m off to my wardrobe to throw together an outfit for tomorrow’s Melbourne Cup do at work. The ritzy Oaks Club event sounds very exciting, it will be thrilling to see all the eye-popping fashion in person. Enjoy!

    • Thanks you’re all very kind! I made all the hats myself so I appreciate your comments. I plan to take lots of photos at the lunch and share them with you all!

  • You look beautiful in all the outfits. I like the leopard dress with the cobalt blue jacket and hat with cobalt blue feature. Also the leopard dress with black jacket and black hat. Wait until the day and see which you feel best in when the time comes, that’s what I do before an occasion, get outfits together beforehand, then see which feels right on the day.

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