Fashion Trends Spring Summer 2011/2012


I’ve just spent a few days shopping with clients and noticing all the new fashion trends coming through the stores. So I took out my trusty phone and snapped some photos of store windows to give you a picture of what you can expect to see in a store near you.

Colour blocking is a trend you’ll see at all price points.  Living in a place like Melbourne which is known for its black is the new black fashion culture, it’s great to see colours everywhere.

Beware about the really bright colours if you’re a little more mature and if bright colours wear you rather than you wearing the colour (do the blink test, and see what you see first, your face, or the colour).  But you can add in some colour in one or two pieces, pared back with neutrals to add some interest to your wardrobe.



You can feel the feminine vibe of this ladylike trend.  Florals are everywhere, from small prints to large.  You may see lace, you will see the feminine hourglass shape exaggerated.  You can see that Portmans (top right) has intertwined both the colour blocking trend and the ladylike/floral trend together.


If you prefer to be more relaxed and casual – try this sports luxe trend.  The fabrics are draped and loose, the look is simple, minimal and unpretentious.  Of course you can bring in that pop of colour if you like with your neutrals (lots of beige and camel coming through, along with the standard black).

What I notice with these trends is there is a definitely 1980’s feel.  With the wide, loose cropped tops worn over longer slim fitting singlets, to the bright colours and shoulder pads of the more structured pieces, much of it takes me back to my teenage years.

Which trends have you incorporated into your wardrobe this year?  Which would you like to try but are a little bit scared to do so and would like some more advice?


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  • Hi Imogen,
    The trend I would like to try is bow belts (see Alannah Hill window above). I have 3 large bow belts which I almost never wear, as I haven’t settled on how to work the look – in particular, how to accessorise them. Usually I wear a necklace, brooch or earrings every day – but the sheer bulk of a bow gives me pause.
    One belt is suede and another leather, both in black, along these lines:
    The last time bow belts were really popular was in the eighties, when big hair, big jewellery, big ruffles and big everything were all the go. Big bows just fitted right into that look then… but now?
    The most common styling approach today (aside from the “forest girl”/Alannah Hill look- not my style) seems to be to wear practically no jewellery with a bow belt – although this could just reflect the general celeb trend towards minimal jewellery — e.g.
    Here Amber from Shoeperwoman wears only a bracelet to accessorise a structured bow belt that’s very similar to my third one
    I’d love to know your take on accessorizing/styling big bow belts!

  • The trend I LOVE for this season, is that both Spots and Stripes are in (perhaps not together!?)! Not just for fashionable kids and Minnie Mouse!! …Also with a bit of feminine 1950s styling! Tres chic! Love it! And in Melbourne, anything goes, so great to mix, match, swap and style!

  • I would love to learn how to wear the new ladylike and floral trends. I’ve always gravitated towards feminine styles but have never really worked out how to actually wear them. Somehow I end up feeling like a drag queen!

  • I’ve heavily subscribed to “advertising black” for at least the last 10 years – working in design and advertising, black is chic and slimming and goes with everything, and of course it’s hard to screw up black on black! But now you tell me that women of “maturing years” should step away from black, I think the strong colour-blocking trend is obviously the bold and courageous aesthetic I should be grasping with both sterling-silver bedecked hands! I do feel a bit grey these days, fading… I need a styling session to colour me in!

  • True confessions: Kath & Kim captured my style aesthetic perfectly. It came as quite a shock to watch the show and recognize many of my outfits on display – for ridicule. Since then I’ve repressed my inner Kath by becoming fashion neutral. But the real me, shamed to beige, secretly covets the glorious hues of the colour block. If only there was a way to dip into that palette, tastefully, in a Melbourne kind of way (minus a perm, I presume).

  • The trend I’d most like to try is the all white look. The dress Imogen included from Portmans made me sigh because of its beauty, simplicity and elegance. I also sign when I think about keeping an all white outfit unsullied by my 5 and 2 year old’s little hands but I think it is worth the effort for such a chic trend. My pale white skin and dark hair mean that this trend should suit my colouring. I think of adding red shoes and lipstick to complete the look.

  • I would love to try ANY trend! I live in the country so spend a lot of time shopping online. Ohhhh to go to a real shop and try on clothes not just imagining them on! Kids are now a bit older and it is time for me to find the new me…..

  • I’d love to try the florals trend the window picture of the ‘Review’ store, reminds me of the Mad Men series. I think it would suit my shape and age.

  • What a wonderful opportunity! When it comes to a trend, sports luxe is basically just an upgrade from my daggy trackies and t-shirts, so no to that one! I figure everyone else will be colour blocking, so I am going to choose lady-like and floral because I like a challenge and the stylist will definitely be challenged making me into a lady 😉

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