How to Choose a Patterned Garment with Flattering Colours


How to Choose a Patterned Garment with Flattering Colours

Have you completed 7 Steps to Style or had a personal colour analysis but are unsure of how to choose a patterned garment, particularly if one or more of the colours isn’t in your colour palette?  How do you know when you are choosing a pattern if the colours are right for your or not? What’s the percentage that has to be right or the percentage that can be wrong for the garment to still work on you?

Watch this short video for a quick guide on how to work out if the colours in a pattern work with your colour palette, even if some of the colours are not in it.

3 Tips on Choosing Patterns to Match Your Swatch

  1. Fan out your colour palette and make sure the pattern blends as a whole (don’t just look for individual colours, remember your swatch is a representation of the vast number of colours you can wear well that flatter).
  2. Hold up the swatch to your patterned fabric and see if it feels like it blends or sinks into the fabric  (this is what you’re after) or stands off the fabric (then it’s not right).
  3. Make sure any colours that don’t blend your swatch are less than 10% of the overall combination

You can see in the examples below just how each pattern blends with the colours of the swatch.  The patterns have similar colours and intensity to the colours in the swatch.

Using your colour swatch to find patterns that blend with your palette - video post - click here to watch


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