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Darlene Campbell and me at the AICI Conference

You will be aware that I wrote a blog post for Angie at You Look Fab on how to dress your full bust.  I also want to share with you some other resources about for the more well endowed woman.

Dbusted is a Melbourne based online webstore, Phillipa has a blog as well, they ship internationally as well as locally to Australia.

Hourglassy is a blog written by Darlene Campbell who also makes a line of crisp white tailored shirts (Campbell and Kate) for the woman who can never find a well fitting shirt cos her bust is too big.  If you work in a corporate environment you will need one of these great white shirts, and if you love their fit, buy more than one and dye them to other colours that suit you (it’s easy to do).  I’m pictured here with Darlene at the conference and she wrote a blog post about our conversation.

b-string cleavage concealer

Not just for the busty gal, but particularly useful for us is the b-string – a fantastic Australian invention that covers your cleavage and attaches to your bra, no need for that extra layer of cami which is fantastic when the weather is hot.

Carissa Rose – you may remember I tried one of their shirts here.  They have a great range of clothes for busty women.

Verily– not specifically for full busted women, but I find with my 34G bust that the clothes fit and flatter me easily.  The sizing guide is accurate so give them a go.

This Fantasie bra remains my all time favourite every day bra.  It’s the most comfortable bra I’ve ever found and I love the lift and shape it gives my breasts (both from the front and side view).  I buy it from Bravissimo in the UK.

Pepperberry is a line of clothes for the large busted woman,  I’ve bought swimmers, but that’s it so far so can’t comment about their clothes in particular.

My large busted readers – what are your favourite resources?  Please share!


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  • That Fantasie bra in beige is my neutral. I LOVE it and have been wearing it for years. A soft cup seamless, molded bra is very unusual, IMO.

    I usually buy from Figleaves UK which ships without duty (at least so far, for me) to Canada. The prices on sale are often half or less of what I'd pay in a boutique for the same item. Because I know my size (and I understand fit), and because I know a wide variety of brands for large breasts, I have had good luck with fit, despite ordering without trying on.

    Even if I have to return for another size (which has only happened twice, within the same order), I shipped back (at my cost) but the reship of the different size was not charged.

  • "Trashy Diva", based out of New Orleans also fits (I'm a 30DD with a small waist) – no alterations needed.

  • Thanks Imogen for recommending Verily. As you know I love designing for all body shapes. I would recommend my 'Ring Wrap' dress, 'Twist Dress' and the 'Wrap Top Dress' for the Dplus girl. Another tip, if you have a petite frame and a generous bust, the under-bust measurement may give you a more accurate dress size.Email me if unsure. Regards Leonie

  • Yay! Thanks for the mention Imogen 😀 I got an email from a very happy d+ customer today – absolutely loved her purchase… It's times like this that it's all worth it!!

  • Fantasie is great! My standby! I get them mostly on eBay actually – last season's colours but if they fit I don't care. I get my bathers this way too, as Fantasie does bra-sized swimsuits, both bikini and one-piece. I have some of each!

    My other hot tip is "Mothers Direct" (the Australian Breastfeeding Association shop) if you can get to their shops they are great at doing fittings and stock an *amazing* size range. They don't tend to have super-fancy strapless or bustier styles, but they've got underwires as well as wire-free and maternity bras. They have shops in Melbourne and Perth, and are available online as well.



  • All I have to say is Thank God for You!! I live in a place that has no resources for larger chested women to speak of. I have to shop at plus size stores and look pregnant half the time due to extra fabric where I don't need it. But what I really LOVE is that you have given me links to places with…stop the press…matching bra and panty sets! AMAZING!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • loving the b string that is genius. I haven’t seen one before. Fantasie swimwear is great i agree. there are so many large cup bikinis that are just ugly but it’s good to see brands like Fantasie and Freya who sell modern and stylish lingerie and swimwear for the bigger bust.

  • That Fantasie bra is my all time favorite. Unfortunately I outgrew it years ago. I’m not certain what fits now as I’m a 32LL or 34KK. Right now wearing Decent Exposures but bra comes up way too high. I’ve heard good things about and will probably try Ewa-Michalak next since they make padded plunge bras in my size. I haven’t had any good luck with clothing as my bust is 5 to 6 sizes bigger than the rest of my body.

  • I recently bought 3 new bras at Nordstrom’s (38DD.) Two are Natori molded cup bras which looked good when I tried them on but after having them just a few months I find they gape at the top and that the bra line where it gapes shows through on t-shirts and closer fitting sweaters.

    The other bra I bought is the Chantelle Rive Gauche three-part cup and it fits perfectly. Zero gaping.

    So, it was with interest that I read this recent post from Tomima’s blog (of the well-regard US-based lingerie website Her Room) about the current trends in bra-making for large bra sizes. She says the problem with the molded cup bras is exactly what I’ve found, that the material sags and shifts. Lingerie makers are working on creating 3-part cup bras with even flatter seams and invisible lace. Finally, pretty bras and support!

  • I live in a small town so the Internet is fantastic for me to find bra’s. I’m a 34FF and that doesn’t exist in the store.
    I really like for buying my bra’s; good price, good selection (Freya and Curvy Kate are my faves.) and good shipping time to the USA.

  • I shopped at Bravissimo/Pepperberry and Fig Leaves when I was a G to JJ cup. However now that I’m a 34KK and larger can’t find many things that suit me. Ewa-Michalak in Poland makes bras in my size and bigger. Decent Exposures in the United States has many customization options for soft cup bras and clothing. I find if a style has no closure I still fit medium sizes. However have to go up to 3X for styles with a closure but then it’s way too loose for my shoulders and waist. Even the stores that specialize in clothing for large busts don’t make things that would fit me (according to my calculations I would have to be a C to F cup to fit there lines and the fullest part of my bust is usually over the size range). I mainly go for slip on dresses, long T-shirts, and high waisted pants and skirts as anything lower falls off of me when I walk.

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