The Dress Most Copied – Royal Wedding


Kate royal weddingLike much of the Western World, I watched the Royal Wedding of William to Catherine.   Kate’s dress, by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen was beautiful. A great “Princess” dress for a wedding in a Cathedral.

Pippa middleton royal wedding

Phillipa Middleton

These days not too many brides wear the big princess dress, partly I think because many women get married later and older women prefer more sophisticated straighter shapes, rather than the Disney Princess style of the meringue dress (which is more favoured by younger brides).  But also, most of us don’t get married in huge Cathedrals or Abbys, so we don’t need the big dress to command the space.  If you’re getting married outside or in the garden or on a balcony then a big dress is encumbering.

McQueen also dressed Phillipa Middleton, the bridesmaid, in a beautiful and simply elegant gown which is my pick to be copied by masses of brides who want a bit of princess wedding, but don’t want the bulk.

Posh and becks royal wedding

Posh and Becks

Hats were everywhere at the wedding, and some were more on the ridiculous side. And when did we start wearing them on our forehead?  Obviously the latest trend and I just didn’t read the article in Vogue.

Eugenie and Beatrice

Eugenie and Beatrice

Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie were slightly oddly dressed.  Eugenie is in Vivienne Westwood which looks rather costumey and Beatrice in Valentino (which looks way too old for her, more like something a mother of the bride would wear) apart from that hat.

Julia and Tim

Tim Mathieson and PM Julia Gillard

Our own Prime Minister Julia Gillard looked great, in marine navy and cream, with her hat not stuck to her forehead but perched jauntily on the side.


Zara Phillips

The trend on the day seemed to be for block colours and hats, I loved this look worn by Zara Phillips, stylish, not too fussy, but with enough glamour for such a big event.

And of course, they finally kissed (not in church, but on the balcony as is royal tradition).  Did you notice that William blushed?  How sweet.

royal kiss



Leaving Clarence House for the Reception

After the wedding, Kate got to change for the reception party, you can’t wear such a long train all night (and it can’t have been one of those detachable ones).  She wore McQueen again and looks gorgeous, and I love her little angora cardigan, women so often freeze at black tie events, the guys get to wear their jackets and we’re supposed to get about in a dress with no sleeves.

Pippa at the reception

Pippa at the reception

beatrice royal wedding

Princess Beatrice at the reception

Which outfits/hats did you like most and least?


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  • i could not get behind the hats. they're just so weird tipped on their foreheads like that.

    Otherwise they were all dressed impeccably..the bride especially. I love how fresh-faced she looked.

  • I loved both Kate's and Philippa's dresses. Kate's dress really did remind me of Grace Kelly's dress the minute I saw it – simply gorgeous and very elegant. I agree the hats were outrageous.

  • Oh my goodness, I thought Princess Beatrice's hat was so sort of bizarre joke. What was she thinking?

  • Can't stand Posh with the accessory she is best known for….her scowl. I love Kate, she is such a lady!

  • Loved the wedding dress and Pippa's dress. Beatrice's hat looked like the bits that stick out of the Teletubbies' heads.

  • Beatrice did NOT have a great day style wise, I hadn't seen her evening gown until now, OMG is all I can say!

  • See, Gillard looks perfectly appropriate here too – nicely dressed up but not ridiculously 'fashionable', age appropriate and like a real head of state.

    Everyone goes to the same milliner I understand, that's why they all look the same. Kind of like when you go to your best friend's hairdresser..

    But Kate did great with her dress(es), tasteful and princessy without being overwhelming like her not-regretted ex-mil. And her matching sister was totally smashing.

  • I think Pippa was dressed the best – both at the ceremony and for the reception. I also don't like all these funny hats. I loved how the Queen looked – that yellow is beautiful on her!

  • Zara Phillips gets my vote for best dressed. Stylish, modern, and perfectly appropriate for the occasion. And as much as I love hats, I am NOT on board with wearing them on the forehead. It'd be quite another thing if they were wearing big beehive hairdos behind them, but this just makes no sense to me.

  • LOVED Kate's dress. And Pippa's. I thought Eugenie's evening gown was terribly unflattering.
    The hats were fascinating. Ditto Zara being one of the best dressed.

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