How to Wear Wide Leg Pants


Wide leg trousers are one of the season’s big items, so how do you wear them and what do wear with them.
There are different ways to wear them, and it depends a lot on your height how best to pull them off.
Tall women can wear wide leg pants with both fitted and more voluminous tops.  Let me introduce Karin Davidson, who is a Perth based image consultant I trained last year.
Karin is very tall (around 6 foot) so has the height to wear wide leg pants with longer tops, dresses or coats.
With such a wide pant it’s better to not wear them past 3/4 length (just above the knee) as so much fabric till tend to swamp even a tall frame.
You will also want the top to have more fitting through the waist/torso so that you don’t look big all over.  A voluminous top and voluminous bottom together can easily look sloppy, particularly if the top is on the longer side.
I am average height (5’6″) so need to wear my wide leg pants with either shorter jackets or tops, and more fitted jackets and tops.
If you are petite, you will to make sure your wide legs aren’t too wide, and wear them with shorter (no longer than hip length tops and jackets.  Keep your tops and jackets fitted too as you can’t take volume with volume, you may find you need to belt tops with volume to slim their silhouette.
You find that wedge heels work well with a wide pant as they balance the volume.  It’s best with wide leg pants, which can have a leg shortening effect, to colour blend shoes to trousers, or create a column of colour of colour to elongate.


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  • Thanks for this post. I think you must be the most helpful blogger in the world!

    I just bought a pair of flared jeans and was considering hemming them for flats. Now I realize that that probably isn't the greatest idea since I'm only of average height.

  • Great post, imogen – as per usual :-). You're spot on!! I'm petite (5'2") and I find heels are a must with wide leg pants. With tops, the shorter the better. Actually, I tuck in my tops/shirts if possible.

  • This is great! I'm also 5'6" and have always worn them with trim fitting tops. Whew! But do you recommend them for 8 shapes?

  • Ugh. No wide legs for me. Unfortunately, as a “plus size” woman, they are really common. I suspect because they do actually look good on tall, top heavy women. I am however neither tall, nor top heavy, but a long legged Figure 8, and even on my long legs (plus size pants are often the right length!!), they just make me look short and dumpy! They swamp my frame and my curves. It’s funny even when I simply try them on, I automatically become overwhelmed and claustrophobic and can’t wait to take them off!

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