Fashion Forecasts According to the Futurists


I was recently reading a newspaper article that contained the predictions of futurists, those people who try and predict the upcoming trends.  Some interesting thoughts that I’ll share with you.

On the Rise
Handmade goods
Op Shopping
Bargain Hunting
Twin sets

Out of Fashion
Plastic surgery
Looking sloppy
Conspicuous brand names
Paying full price

It appears with tougher economic times we look to nostalgia for inspiration and think more about wastage and    frugality.  Thus I’d also expect to see longer skirts and more conservative clothes that goes along with this.

Do you agree or disagree?  What do you think will be the big trends of the next 5 years?


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  • That twin set looks beautiful which definitely means it's come back! i had a lovely one in the 1960's in pale toe-shoe (as in ballet shoe) pink, that wonderful soft salmon colour. It went with everything; the pullover had a very useful three-quarter sleeve and the facings in the cardigan were an even finer knit than the rest of the garment. It's my dream to find another!

  • I love the idea of thrift coming back – it's about time. And even more timely would be looking more put together. People don't bother these days!

    The only thing I fear is the re-emergence of op-shopping becoming "commercialised" – increasing the prices of secondhand goods that aren't of the quality deemed vintage. Also, the costs of materials for handmaking things. I know for one that commercial fabric prices here in Australia are rather obscene and while opshops are dead cheap right now, if they become more expensive then thrifty won't be so thrifty anymore.

  • Well, I'm not too sure about the "paying full price" being out of fashion, as I really hate haggling and often the price is reasonable. I'd prefer this one to read "paying too much for things"!

    I heartily agree with the other three things on the list although there seems to be an awful lot of people addicted to cosmetic surgery/fillers/injectables.

    I'm currently reading "how to be a Hepburn in a Hilton World" and the author encourages us to return to a world where we appreciate a woman who is clever, looks smart, has goals and doesn't show excessive amounts of skin. Viva the revolution! ^^

  • I think the nostalgic trend just barely preceeding the recession, with women in high stress jobs wanting to stay home with children and craft. When money is tight, grandparents are an inspiration in many cases – mine certainly were/are. How long it will last? Until the economy recovers is my guess. For now, I shall enjoy being 'mainstream' for a change (as if).

  • Queen of Sheba – Op Shopping comes from Opportunity Shop (charity shopping or thrifting in other parlance)

  • Did twin~sets and pearls ever go out of style? Those are my go~to classics! I have always been in love with 50's fashion Audrey~inspired looks that are timeless. Bargain~hunting and thrifting are a wonderful way to stretch your $, going to Goodwill and resale shops is one of my favorite hobbies.

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