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Toronto, Canada based Kristen from K Line today shares her thoughts on style.

What is the secret to great style? 
I don’t know that there’s one secret but I do think that knowing what suits you, and wearing it with utter confidence, is a big part of style…
What is the one thing you would spend a lot of money on?
My new philosophy is to spend a lot of money on everything – to get the best quality and most longevity. But, as a rule, I spend on shoes and underwear. And cashmere. And coats.
What is the one thing you wouldn’t spend a lot of money on?
I find it hard to spend too much on tights or T shirts / camis beause they’re work horses. I put my toes through tights every 4th wearing. Of course, maybe if I spent more they’d last longer. But I don’t think so. I have really long big toes and I walk everywhere 🙂
What are your top tips for looking stylish when travelling?
I don’t overpack. One small bag is it. I tend to bring one – maybe 2 pairs of shoes – and I make sure the outfits work around those first. I make sure that everything is comfortable and chic. Not fussy. So denim leggings and riding boots and cashmere sweaters tend to make the cut (in winter). And always bring one of those slim, but warm, asymmetric cardigans. They have a million uses. Summer is easier to pack for, natch, cuz everything is smaller…
What’s the secret to looking polished?
Clean hair, light makeup (with good lips – either glossy or pigmented), nice nails, moisturized skin, signature scent and perfectly fitting clothing with no signs of wear. People who wear coats that saw better days 4 winters ago are really doing themselves a disservice.
How do you balance new trends with a more timeless look?
I wear what I like, in the combinations I like. But in general, I’d stick to one trend per outfit. So, if you like high waisted denim, for example, mix it with some shoes and a top that a) match the tone but b) don’t go wacky into other trend areas. I’m pretty careful about introducing trends.
What is your current obsession?
Making my own clothes to fit my shape as perfectly as I can manage (given my skill level). And buying the best I can afford so that I’m getting quality. I do love pattern mixing too – especially stripes with florals.
Who inspires you?
So many bloggers inspire me – fashion and sewing alike.  And fabulous designers who make chic, wearable things like Jil Sander and Theory and Isabella Oliver.
What’s not worth the money?
Badly made items. And those come in all price points, sadly. Also, things that don’t fit. Just walk away…
What’s your secret to making yourself stand out?
I’d love to tell you it’s my amazing style, but I think it’s a combo of confidence, nonchalance, personality and the size of my chest.  🙂
The one piece of advice most women need but don’t get?
Well, I think they get it, but they might not “get it”: Wear the right size. This is particularly relevant when it comes to lingerie (bras!!) and pants, IMO. Lots of women look horrible in sizes far too small when they would be gorgeous in the right size.
What’s the best piece of style wisdom you’ve ever received?

Well, there are so many good pieces of wisdom I’ve picked up through the years… I’ll leave it at – Wear what you want, as long as it fits perfectly,

What is your favourite current trend?
Denim leggings.
What’s your favourite short cut to style?
Just keep everything simple and tonally similar – then everything works together.
What’s the worst current trend?
I don’t know that any trend is terrible. It’s just that some trends don’t work on many people.
What are your favourite websites
I think that Sally ( does a great blog for style conscious women. Your blog is terrific and helps women to understand their shapes and how best to dress them. I think Sandra of Niotillfem ( is the epitome of style – albeit her own unique (very youthful) style. Gertie’s ( style is also fantastic – in a vintage, couture seamstress way.
How would you describe your personal style?
Ha! I like to think my style is urban and modern, with a classic spirit.
Who are your style icons?

So hard to answer this. My style is more North American than European or Australian, to situate it. Having said that, I love Cate Blanchett. She’s got a chic, modern, edgy look that really appeals. I also love old-school tailoring,  American “clean” styling from the early 50s (Claire McCardell and Bonnie Cashin). Mind you (and I hate that everyone has got on this band wagon), I do think that Marilyn Monroe was the perfect, natural curvy woman – with excellent casual style.


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  • Hmm, I was taught not to sit with my legs wide open :-O

    Also, today all this sounds sooo vain. So many people have nothing to eat and here's … Ack.

  • Yay! Great to see K here. I love her crisp, clean, yet sassy style. And I like seeing someone else who believes that travelling light doesn't preclude stylishness.

  • It's so lovely to read about another stylish gal from Toronto! I loved Kristen's answer that it takes confidence, nonchalance and personality to stand out! Great interview.

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