My Beauty Favourites – Cetaphil Cleanser


I was asked by one of my lovely Australian readers if I could do some posts on my favourite beauty products, as many products reviewed on the blogsphere are not available in Australia, though we do get lots.

So I thought I’d start with some of my favourites that I use daily.

Cetaphil Cleanser – recommended by most dermatologists as it hasn’t any irritants, is gentle yet effective.    It works by itself, or if you want to make an exfoliant, just add some bicarbonate of soda (bicarb) about a teaspoon of bicarb, to a teaspoon of Cetaphil, and rub it together into a great exfoliating paste.

What’s your favourite cleanser?

* this is not a paid review


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  • Not a Cetaphil fan here. It gave my daughter excema as a baby and I've found that we are both very sensitive to petroleum-based products (which Cetaphil is). I have very sensitive rosacea-prone skin.

    The oil-cleaning method (jojoba, apricot kernel, castor and/or olive oil) has been great for my skin though. Apricot kernel oil is one of the primary ingredients in those expensive makeup primers (along with silicone, yuck). I use it as a moisturizser too. Highly recommended and very gentle!

    Also: baking soda/bicarb is highly alkalinizing and pretty abrasive, so if you're sensitive like me it may be too much.

    Big fan here — just weighing in with my experience. Your mileage will vary.

  • I'd love to use Cetaphil because it's so cheap, but found it over-dried my oily skin. So I use Janssen, which is quite expensive, but finally I get almost no acne! And I used to get the deep nodular kind, yuck. It smells a lot nicer than Cetaphil, too.

  • I change all the time- Right now I use Nivea cleanser gel sometimes with a gentle brush. Every week I exfoliate with Nivea exfoliating gel and have a natural clay mask.

  • We're so on the same page! I have used Cetaphil for years. And a dermatologist also told me not to buy expensive exfoliating creams and just use baking soda. Works so great!! I have to use a separate make-up remover, since Cetaphil often doesn't take off mascara.

  • I use Ego QV wash, which I think is very similar to Cetaphil, but possibly slightly cheaper. My skin is very oily and spot-prone, but I wouldn't really call it sensitive.

    Or I use the unscented baby wipes from ALDI.

    Seriously, unscented baby wipes are the most useful product ever. You can clean your face, or any other bit of you, you can spot-clean your clothes, you can clean/shine your shoes, your glasses, anything. So useful when travelling.

  • I've been doing the Cetaphil/baking soda routine for years, and I love it. I only do the baking soda scrub about once a week, though.

  • Wow – I've never tried Cetaphil, but it's impressive how many people here love it. I've just found Olay total effects cream cleanser and really love it – it's gentle, effective and means I don't have to exfoliate separately.
    Not sure if I can ask my own question here… but very curious if anyone has found an eye cream they love that's not $50 for ml?

  • I am using this in winter and it is helping the dryness. But I don't like that it has all those parabens in it! Yuck!

  • I developed mild acne as an adult, which was eventually cleared up by using Neutrogena’s Clear Pore benzoylperoxide-based cleanser, teamed with Cetaphil’s sensitive skin moisturizer.

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