What Colours to Wear When Dating


Pink – the right pink flatters your complexion and makes you look healthy and glowing, it also is the colour of love and a nurturing colour.  It, will make a man feel more protective.

Red – sensual and fiery, this colour conveys a very confident message, it may be interpreted that you are tiger in the bedroom, so be wary as it may attract the wrong kind of guy (unless that’s what you’re after).

White – well it’s all about purity isn’t it?  That’s why brides wear white.  A little bit goes a long way, head to toe will make you look like a princess who is never prepared to get her hands dirty.

Black – yes it’s mysterious, but it’s also associated with power and intimidation, it may stop men from approaching you at all, as they look for the woman who is less likely to reject them.

Blue – many people’s favourite colour, is secure, friendly and relaxing, not the most exciting or passionate colour, but won’t push people away either.  Navy blues are associated with authority and conservatism, people don’t open up to people in navy.

Green – blue-greens are calming and and fresh, yellow-greens, especially that very yellow-green which is the colour of decay, should be avoided.

Also, apparently men prefer solids to patterns, and if you are a leopard wearer, remember, you will be interpreted as an animal in the bedroom!

What colours do you like to wear when dating?  Or if you’re in a relationship what is your partner’s favourite colour on you?


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  • Sorry, second try, this time with correct spelling!!

    Fun topic – my husband cannot stand brown and threatens dire accidents to anything brown that he encounters when doing laundry. I also read somewhere that beige is too blah for dating.

  • Goodness, Struggler, I don't know what I'd do if my husband objected to my brown clothes! As far as regular clothes are concerned, my husband pretty much likes anything I do.

    He did surprise me once by expressing a preference for warm-colored lingerie….

  • I wear more clear ( bright?) colours and lighter clothes since I am in a relationship. For me it is dificult to wear all white for instance when walking alone in the street. I was wearing darker colours when not in a couple. I find clear colours make me feel a little more vulnerable (and visible?).

  • Dating? Damn, can't remember that far back … I know the spouse likes me wearing red but he probably wouldn't dare tell me what he doesn't like!

  • My newest purchase is a very pale pinkish powdery linen cocktail dress, which I think will work in winter with a brown mink stole an d brown booties and clutch and in the summer as such. My husband approves all my color choices, but especially something in the shade of amethyst, I think. Grey, in certain shades is my personal favorite color.

  • metscan, your cocktail dress sounds like the most ethereal colour. Wish I could see it. As another northern person, can't imagine wearing linen in winter, would get hypothermia even with a mink stole. Applaud your hardiness!

    In my dating days I found men responded more to cut than colour ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Duchesse: I checked this just for you- The dress is from Boss fall/winter collection, and it is 65% linen and 35% silk. Silk feels warm in the winter and cool in the summer ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I never though about this and it's very interesting.
    I really don't remember what I wore when dating.The only thing I remember is one day going out to dinner with my now husband with jeans and a pink top.
    Right now, as Kathy's husband mine talks more about his preferences in underwear color(usually red, what's with man and red underwear?)
    But when asked he said he prefers me in gray than brown.

  • I only vaguely remember dating, as I've been married forever, so the only dates I go on are with my husband, obviously. He seems to prefer I wear dresses but he hates black, beige or brown.

    He's always asking me to find something pink, but I'm a redhead (I think I am warm, light and clear) so other than coral I really can't do pink. Suggestions?

    My husband and I attended a white tie formal very early on in our relationship and I remember debating whether to wear a green gown or a royal blue gown. I bought the royal blue and found out later that he hated green as a colour in general. I wonder if that would have changed things? I mean, I doubt it now, but at the time I was very happy I chose the blue dress.


  • I think it really depends on where the date is taking place. I've never gone on formal dates, always either clubbing or dinner&movie type thing. So: red, turquoise, yellow, white with shimmer – upbeat colors. Relaxed styles, comfortable shoes, funky or minimal jewellery.

  • Do you think different cultures see colors representing different things than we normally find in the western world?

    Brides in China wear red for luck. In the US they might look like tarts or very aggressive women in red satin and lace. In China,white doesn't mean purity, but death. Yikes!

    Care to comment?

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