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I just wanted to share with you the gorgeous transformation of Amber – she has sent me an email which she’s allowed me to print below for you to read.  It’s this kind of new found confidence that makes my job so rewardring.   When I hear the naysayers go on about how the outside doesn’t matter, I just think to myself, well I know it does, because of the feedback I get from clients.   The outside and inside is entwined and will always affect each other. 

Amber’s email:

Imogen, I cannot thankyou enough for your efforts and advice. The experience has been life changing for me. I have been wearing makeup to work every day since, and I have been styling my hair and leaving it out most days. I can’t tell you how many compliments I have received from people ranging from the guy at the coffee shop through to Board Members and other colleagues and friends.

I have also implemented some of your suggestions into my wardrobe and removed a few less flattering items. I have also been more conscious of what I wear to work and find myself wearing more heels and less flats. I am certainly portraying a sense of confidence and look and feel more alive.

Thank-you again so much for the opportunity.

Kind Regards,Amber

Isn’t she gorgeous!


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