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Recently blogger Embellissiment asked how to choose a watch to go with outfits, and whether watches are ‘jewellery’ or something else.
Basically, I think that watches are an accessory but like a shoe, a more basic, every day essential accessory (yes I know that your mobile phone has a clock on it, but a watch is so much more convenient and stylish, and the batteries don’t run out so often).
I love watches, in fact it has always been my ‘treat’ to myself to buy a watch as a celebration when I get a new job, with my first pay. Each watch then tells me about a stage in my life, and reminds me of a job I’ve had.
Which Watch
There are some basic rules to follow (that is if you like rules).
  1. the more sporty the watch, they’re made for sport and very casual clothes
  2. bright colours spell fun, keep them outside of work time, unless you are a professional clown
  3. classic shapes and styles work with a professional wardrobe – if you wear a suit to work, look for a classic, high quality watch to match your image
  4. a plain analogue face with a metallic band can be worn almost anywhere (except when dressed up to the 9s)
  5. diamond encrusted watches are made for nighttime glamour
  6. watches that have the appearance of braclets and bangles are a great way to add some personality to your outfit, whilst still being a practical piece
  7. if your personality is rebellious or unconventional, throw all the rules out and wear whatever style you like, as long as it’s an expression of who you are on the inside!


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  • A timeless post ! Until recently, I thought that I need my watch every single day. This summer I have tried to be without one. I have managed surprisingly well. There is only brand for me- Cartier, a two in one; a wristwatch and a bracelet. They have a wonderful model with a purple croc band, but the metal ones are more carefree. Cartiers collection is great. I recommend !

  • I'm with metscan, I'd rather have one or two good "forever" watches than many plastic or fashiony pieces. And I find too that I can forgo watches, especially in hot weather when any band feels heavy. But like you I like something to celebrate milestones- for me usually earrings or a bracelet. Hmm, what milestone can I concoct next?

    PS An etiquette expert (have forgotten who) says that to wear a watch to a social event is not very refined as it indicates you have your eye on when you can leave. Not sure about that (some of us have sitters or other reasons to know the time) but when I am entertaining I leave my watch off.

  • Intriguingly, I wear but one watch – have done for 15 years – and it was given to me by my mother. It's a gold Baume & Mercier and it no longer fits her wrist (very small woven link gold band and delicate) so she passed it along. I LOVE it. I feel like a million bucks wearing it. It's chic, elegant. But rather conservative! It has pedigree, reminds me of my family and goes with everything.

    However, it's not so reliable with the time. I know, you think you spend 15 grand on a watch and it's going to work (let me remind you she bought it, not me). I've had it "reworked" so many times but it just decides to do it's own thing now and again. So I can't really rely on it for timekeeping when it's having one of its spells. My mother has suggested that it could be my body chemistry interacting strangely with it. All the fixers (and it's gone back to the big shop for fixing) can't figure it out. I don't much care though.

  • I treasure my fancy gold and diamond watch; I don't save it for evening, I wear it whenever possible with jeans heels, tee shirt. Love it! Beautiful things are begging to be enjoyed all the time.

  • Comment to Duchesse: That etiquette side does make sense, I have not thought about it in that way. I feel a bit same with eye glasses. As I have aged, I really need them, but when I go `out´, I put on my contact eye lenses. Naturally I realize, that this is not possible for everyone.

  • The best tip yet (and there are so many) is the low vamp, high vamp thing with shoes. I notice it everywhere and all the time now and I always think of you and have an instant urge to give these women your blog to read!!

    ps. Love your new header by the way!

  • I have a chunky stainless steel tank watch that I wear on my right hand so as not to clash with my wedding rings. Is it too much to wear such a watch with a ring on the right hand? Whenever I try it I feel overdone.

  • Anonymous: I don´t know if there are any kinds of rules about wearing jewelry on one hand only, but I have felt the same as you. If I wear my watch and rings on the left hand, I have to wear my bracelet on the right wrist. That´s quite a lot for me, so this summer I have left my watch out, and only occasionally worn my rings and bracelet. I feel that both sides must be in balance.

  • thanks for the post 🙂

    @ anonymus: I feel the same. I usually really don't like wearing ring and bracelet or watch. somehow that's just too much for my eye.

  • Are there some guidelines to picking out the size of your watch based on bone structure? I have long, sort of skinny arms( petite boned, I have tiny wrists but my forearm is not too much wider then my wrists)….do I want to try and shorten my forearm by wearing a thick watch? Thanks!!

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