RIP Natasha Richardson


English actress Natasha Richardson died yesterday from a head injury sustained in a skiing accident.  At only 45 she was young to die, it’s a reminder that we need to live life to the full, as you never know what lies around the corner.

She was gorgeous and talented, and this picture is a great reminder of why the nude shoe is such a staple for every wardrobe, as it makes your legs look like they go on forever.
One of the things I liked about her is she always looked fresh, approachable and friendly  but she had her own fun style.


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  • I was saddened to hear of her death. She frequented our household often…my daughter absolutely loved the movie The Parent Trap she has seen it man, many times.

    As for the nude shoe, where do you find a comfortable pair??

  • I’m deeply sorry when this happens to anyone.
    I grew up on skis and never wore a helmet; now I would. It will not save someone 100% but there are skiing fatalities every year that could be avoided, so it’s a “style’ I’d like to see everyone on the slopes adopt.

  • I was just so shocked about Natasha.

    I was going to toss my nude heels, but not now.

    Mervat, my nude heels are Nine West. Cheapies, but comfy enough for a few hours.

  • Mervat – I have a pair of nude wedges that are very comfortable that are Lipstick brand. It’s worth keeping your eye out for them when you’re shopping.

  • I was shocked too, especially because the accident seemed so futile! But when you bang your head you never know! I keep of thinking of her husband, some time ago he played the role of a man who had just lost his beloved wife and was left to look after stepson… How life repeats the fiction. So sad! Ciao. A.

  • I was really shocked when I heard the news that she was injured after the fall. I grew up skiing at Mont Tremblant in Quebec and it is a place I think of with great fondness.
    Her fall was not spectacular, probably something that could happen to anyone, anywhere.
    You are right that it is a good reminder that each day is precious.

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