How to Fold a T-Shirt in 2 seconds


I’ve spent the past two weeks teaching an image consultant training course (that is, all the skills and knowledge you need to become an image consultant), and today we were talking about wardrobes, hanging clothes and folding. One of my students asked how to fold a t-shirt and I remembered I’d seen this great guide on You Tube, and thought it was worthwhile sharing it with you.

Do you fold your t-shirts this way?

Do you have any tips on storing your clothes that make your life easier?


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  • Hi Imogen, That’s fantastic! Unfortunately I’ve just tried a couple of times and it was a mess. I suppose it’s a matter of practice or that I’m just clumsy. Thanks. Ciao. Antonella

  • i actually roll my tshirts and stack them in shelves, that way pulling one out doesnt ruin the rest and it actually takes up less space (i’ve compared!

  • Lunarossa – yes – takes a little practise!

    Jane – how does your room look now?

    Deja – I hope they appreciate your efforts.

    Sal – take a photo and show us

    Kiran – thanks for coming by – I’d love to see your method – can you take a photo to show us? (or email it to me at imogen dot lamport at gmail dot com

  • Duchess – they use the board so that every t is the same size. I’ve practised this a bit today and it’s easy to do – just have to remember that pinch no 3 the hand goes behind the other hand – that’s the trick!

    Belette – I’ve seen those boards on TV programs – but never tried.

  • I saw the fast version of this on You Tube and my husband and I tried to do it a bunch of times. We did not succeed. BTW, I fold just as nicely, though not as excitingly. I do wish I could swing it because it seems faster and easier. You can do it? Impressive!

  • kline- the trick is to make sure that you cross your hand behind the other – otherwise it ends up in a mess.

    Andrea – excellent

    Anna – I’m sure your children will thank you when they grow up for having been folded in such a manner.

  • This is a cruel joke!!!!!

    Seriously, at J.Crew they taught me to use a clipboard to fold the shirt, then slide right out for a perfect job. It works, and no pinching or wrist flicking involved!

    What I really want to know though, is how do you stack these so they don’t all crush eachother and wrinkle anyway? If I hang, they get stretched out.

  • Karen – I clipboard fold all my jumpers (sweaters) but I put a piece of tissue paper on them before I fold and this helps to keep the creases out.

  • I think I will try Kiran’s method of rolling and see what happens. Those tissue tees are so thin that it makes sense to try a roll and stack them up that way.

    Also, those velvet hangers are a MUST!!! I love them. Nothing falls off and they look so uniform in the closet.

  • Imogen, it looks like the link to this video has decided to play Hide and Seek… and totally disappeared from view – can you scare it back onto the page again please? 🙂

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