10 Items 1 Working Week Capsule Wardrobe


Work that Wardrobe has sent out a challenge, to create 5 days worth of outfits, from only 10 items – and that includes accessories – so her is my answer to her challenge. There are still a couple of other outfit options left to try too. I probably wouldn’t really want to wear this all in the same week – but it could be done. I’d love to have been able to add in some earrings and a couple more necklaces – but rules is rules and I am abiding by them.

10 Item Wardrobe Capsule

Wardrobe Capsule - 10 items - 1 working week of outfits


And of course, you’ll see that you could put the red jacket over the white shirt outfits as well, or even layer the green knit over the top of the white shirt to create even more looks.  The blue top with the skirt is another option again – and of course with or without the jacket!

The key to any capsule is to choose colours that work together so that you can mix and match easily, layer garments and create more variety with a small wardrobe of clothing options.

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  • Looks good! And, you’re right — there are still more combinations possible.

    – The blue shirt alone with the skirt and pants (2 combinations)

    – The white shirt under the purple or blue (I can’t quite tell if the purple and blue shirts are sweaters or whatnot). This could be paired with the skirt or pants. (4 combinations)

    – The white shirt under the jacket (let’s just pretend the jacket has long sleeves instead of 3/4, and that would work). With skirt or pants (2 combinations)

    That’s 8 more right there, and that doesn’t even factor in the accessories.

  • Imogen – Thank you so much for the award and the ideas for the Capsule Wardrobe CHallenge.
    I will direct the bloggers who have signed up for the challenge to this page. I love the mix of neutrals and vivid shades.

  • Imogen, thanks for the advice. I thought it would be easier than it is to put together a capsule wardrobe, but I think I’ll follow your guide. I’m looking forward to it now!

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