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I’m scared, very very scared, when I see women wearing “mom jeans” down at the supermarket, I’ve always just assumed that they’re old, they’ve been in their closet for years and years, and that the poor old mom just hasn’t had time to go out and treat herself to a nice new pair of flattering jeans for a good decade, but no, I’ve just found on Top Shop, New Look and River Island websites these  jeans which are the epitome of the mom jean and I’m not happy.

Yes Imogen, it’s a first world problem (I hear you mutter)…Why the mom jean is a crime against fashion …. but it’s a crime against taste!

Why I Hate Mom Jeans

You may look at these and say – what’s wrong with them? Let’s start at the top and work out way down. The very high waist is make  hips look larger and your tummy protrude, the relaxed fit through the thigh adds bulk at that point, then the tapered leg is also adding volume to the hips whilst shortening the legs. I also have issue with the length, they’re just too short, so we see the foot or sock extending from the shoe, which further visually shortens the legs.  In fact when you go online and see models wearing them – they are almost all wearing them with a high heel of some sort or other (rarely a flat shoe).

Now I know that not everyone wants to wear a skinny jean or even the latest flared trend.  So the straight leg jean is a very easy option to consider and here is why.

mom jeans vs straight leg jeans

In comparison, if you look at jeans like these which have a lower waist, though it’s not super low, and a straight longer leg, you can see how much more flattering they are and how the legs look longer and the hips slimmer.

So if you still have your Mom Jeans – please throw them out now, and cease and desist from buying more, they’re frumpy and unflattering!

Rant over!


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  • I cannot believe women still wear these crotch-splitting things! I see them just about daily on women in their 40s and 50s, and I just so badly want to tap them gently on the shoulder and say, “Excuse me, may I have a word with your for a moment?” But alas, I am not the Style Police.

  • What scares me, is that I’ve seen plenty of 30 year olds wearing them and I wonder why they’ve let themselves go so early (not that I approve of letting yourself go EVER)!

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