Body Shapes Explained – A Shape (pear)


Now to the classic womanly shape of the A, which has the healthiest distribution of fat and the least likely to have heart disease (you lucky things!).

The A shape woman has shoulders that are narrower than her hips/thighs, so you can check this by measuring both at their widest points and seeing if there is more than an inch or so difference.
Your aim is to draw attention up to the face and show off your slimmer upper body. So if you think interesting from head to waist, and boring below the waist, that’s a great way to work out where to put detail such as pockets, frills, flounces, pattern, sheen etc.

Tops can be patterned. Necklines can include lots of detail, especially if you have a smaller bust. Wear a patterened top with a darker, plain bottom.

3/4 sleeves will draw the eye up to the body and away from your hip/thigh area, and also make you look taller. The wide collar on this shirt also helps to balance the hips.

Trousers need to be bootleg, wide or a flare to balance your hips and thighs. Keep them as long as possible so that your legs look longer and more proportionate. Look for a centre front crease to slim and elongate your legs. Avoid any pocket detail about the hips and thighs, keep them clean and simple – they are not the hero.

Dresses should emphasise your small waist, and flow smoothly over your curves. Look for vertical detailing and softly draping fabrics. Square necklines on dresses and tops can balance your hips. This dress, would NOT be a good choice for an A shape.

Skirts should usually end at the knee and be A-line or have a flounce or flare at them hem to balance your hips.

Coats can be single or double breasted, as long as they’re shaped. Avoid large patch pockets on the hips, look for wider collars and detail high up on the coat. Trench coats can be a good option.

Jackets can be embellished with everything from a puffed sleeve, to epaulettes. A portrait collar can balance your hips. They should end around your hip bone, never under the bottom or knuckle length as this will make you look boxy and wider.


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  • This is me. I know it is better than being an apple, health wise. And, I really do like pears( to eat). That said, I do have constant fantasies of having my pear shaped hips liposucked into a less pear like line.

    I don’t think I look good with any kind of embellishment on jackets or blouses. I am scared of frills and flounces. I do bold and statement necklaces instead.

    And, I fear that 3/4 length sleeves brings the eye to the my arms coming out just at my widest bit of my hip. I do have lots of 3/4 sleeved tops. But, I prefer a long sleeve.

    Great post!!

  • La Belette Rouge – Unless you have very short arms, the 3/4 sleeves will actually stop at your narrowest point, your waist, and keep eyes away from your hips – do a test and stand in front of a mirror with long sleeves on, then pull them up to 3/4 and see the difference of where you eye goes to.

    You absolutely don’t have to wear frills and flounces if that’s not your personality, great jewellery a wider collar, squarish necklines will all do the same thing.

    Even a patterned top and plain bottom will help to balance your body and make it look less pearish (though remember that pears are yummy!)

  • This is definitely me. I’m a petite (5’3″) A/Pear shape. But, I am VERY proud of my 39″ bottom and would love to show it off, not hide it. Any suggestions?

    • Hi AMD,

      It’s great you love your bottom! To show it off look for jeans with detail or bling on the back pockets. Make sure your tops end around the high hip bone, don’t wear long tops. Keep your clothes well fitted too.

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