Unleash Your Personal Brand by Levelling Up Your Style

So you have more influence and impact

Improving Your Personal Style

Gives you a competitive edge

Makes it easy to get noticed for all the right reasons

And maximises your potential so you get seen as the expert you are more easily

Are you ready to close the gaps you have in your personal brand image?

Inside the Masterclass you’ll discover:


Why What You Wear REALLY Matters

Your style is a non-verbal communication tool that can help you more easily achieve your life goals – from finding the right mate in life to being seen as the expert you are on the inside.


Your Style Speaks Before You Do

What you wear communicates your personality, your expertise, your values and so much more.  It’s an asset, not a luxury to care about your style if you want to achieve your goals and dreams.


How to Capitalize Your Potential

Improving your style and image has the power to help open doors to new and better opportunities. To help you get a seat at the table that you want to sit at.  To give you the confidence and courage to step into the spotlight.  Do you know if you’re currently missing out on income because your style is not aligned with your personal brand?


You’ll walk away with a compelling understanding of why you need an on-point personal brand image that gives you confidence and helps you succeed.

What You Can Do To Create a Powerful and Aligned Personal Brand Image

Take control of your style and build a wardrobe that aligns with your goals and vision by design, not by default!

Hi, I’m Imogen Lamport, a globally award-winning image consultant and personal stylist.

With over 19 years of experience and as an internationally certified image professional I’ve worked with thousands of clients of all ages and stages of life who have shared with me their pain and struggles with their style.

How what they want is to express their true and authentic brand image.  Their personal brand image comes from the inside out and is not a 2nd rate copy of someone else’s.

A style is an outward expression of personality and values so that they can present their best self through their clothing and image.

And this is what I love to teach and motivates me each day to help more women create a personal brand image that expresses their expertise so that they become the influential and most credible go-to person in their industry.

You have style!  It’s like a diamond, you just need to make the right cuts so it sparkles!

Ask yourself...

  • What is your current image communicating

  • Does your current style help you be seen as the expert you are

  • Is your current wardrobe helping or hindering you to achieve your goals

  • Do you feel that what you wear is an expression of who you are

  • Is your image expressing your competency and making you look like the most credible source in your industry

Deep down you know that your style is a reflection of your brand and if you want to be seen as an expert you need to show up looking like an expert.

Are ready to catapault your success?

Trouble finding your style? Do 7 Steps to Style with award winning image consultant Imogen Lamport

Your Image Speaks!

Your style is a visual reflection of your personal brand.

You can choose how you want to reflect who you are by making conscious choices with your clothing, grooming and image or you can let others decide by taking a haphazard approach.

You need to create a strong personal style that’s a visual representation of your personal brand.


I can’t wait to share my insights and decades of experience with you to help you create a style by design, not by default, one that will unleash your confidence and open doors!